Calming Leaf Breaths Activity for Kids

This calming leaf breaths activity for kids is a soothing, nature inspired, shape breathing technique. This mindful breathing activity, helps kids to learn deep breathing, using a visual cue. Its’ especially calming as kids can trace their finger around the shape, as a focal point that can help them to focus and feel calm.

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Leaf Breaths Nature shape breathing activity

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Take a Leaf Breath and more!

In this guide I’m going to share with you the session plan of Explore, Breathe, Share and Play. However, you can simply jump into leaf breaths, or you could also try some of the other activities too. Just do what works for you and your child or classroom.

The Leaf breaths printable kit is available in both Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers, its a great breathing activity for home and for the classroom. It could be used in a calm kit, calm corner or part of a nature themed activity. The Printable 11 page kit comes with posters, flash cards, a script and creative worksheets. Lots of fun ways to learn this lovely mindful breathing skill.

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So let’s get started!

Explore: Let’s Float like a Leaf!

Let’s Explore, what is it like to be a leaf? gently floating to the ground.

  • Activity: Floating Leaves
  • Aims: To recall memories or use imaginations to recall what it’s like to see a floating leaf and / or use our senses in the present to experience a floating leaf. To be creative and then interpret that in mindfully moving our bodies.

Instruction for the activity:

  1. Print off the Leaf Breaths Rhyme (optional). “As I breathe in, I listen for sound and as soft as a leaf my breath falls to the ground.”
  2. Option 1 – Discuss with children whether they have seen a falling leaf before. What did it look like? Where were they? Was is fast or slow?
  3. Option 2 – Get children to collect leaves and get them to drop them to the floor, then ask the questions above.
  4. Get children to then read the Leaf Breaths rhyme and practice floating to the ground like a leaf (mindful movement). They could then practice breathing out as they float to the ground. Encourage children to be soft, gentle and slow and notice as they move.
  5. Ask children what they liked about being a leaf.
Leaf Breaths kids breathing Rhyme for home or classroom

Breathe: Lets Take a Leaf Breath

You can use leaf breaths at home or in the classroom, it could be especially fun to use when you are outdoors camping, on nature walks or visiting a forest. This lovely breathing exercise is great as is combines both the use of a calming coping strategy and nature.

If you don’t have the printable kit, then you can simply try this activity using a real leaf or get kids to draw a leaf.

Leaf Breaths Mindfulness quote

Share: Let’s share and become aware!

“There is subtle magic in the falling of old leaves.”

Avijeet Das

When we share, it’s an opportunity for us to connect, feel listened to and ask questions too. Encourage your child to share their experiences and model by sharing yours too. Remember to let them know there’s no wrong questions or answers.

Here’s a list of question ideas that you could use as prompts:

  • Where did you feel your leaf breaths, in your body the most?
  • How did you feel after the activity?
  • What was your favourite part?
  • When could Leaf breaths be useful for you to practice?
  • What is your favourite Leaf?
  • Tell me about a time you’ve seen lots of leaves?
  • Share the leaf quote and ask what other things in nature seem like magic to them? This can lead to a discussion about the strength of awe.
Leaf Breaths Creative printable activities

Play: Create, Connect and Find a Little Calm.

Once you’ve explored being a leaf, practiced your Leaf breaths and shared, follow with a playful Leaf themed / nature activity to finish. It could be a story, craft project, art activity, music, dancing, singing, cooking, role play, puzzles or whatever you and your child enjoys doing. I’ve put together a list of books and a few fun Leaf themed activities that you could try.

Read a Story

  • The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade – This cute book is a great book to help teach young children about how some things in life can be a challenge or be scary or daunting to them but with courage and support they can achieve anything.

  • Sweep by louise Greig – this a great picture book for children of all ages. It can help children to understand their own emotions as well as being aware of others. 

  • In the middle of Fall by Kevin Henkes – A sweet and simple book about the changing of seasons and the temporary nature time. It encourages you to stop and savour because soon things will change.

  • A little bit of Brave by Nicola Kinnear – Set in a beautiful autumn forest, Logan is a rabbit who never leaves his tree. All the adventures his friend Luna goes on sound far too scary for him, but he finds his courage and bravely heads out into the forest.

Other Activities:

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Leaf Breaths Autumn Calm Corner

I hope that you enjoy learning and sharing this calming leaf breaths activity for kids, as much as I have with my own son. When we add play and stories to teaching anything, it becomes much more engaging and fun. As Diane Ackerman says, “Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”.

Leaf Breaths Printable Kit for home or the classroom

If you’d like to use the Leaf Breaths Printable, you can find it on Etsy or Teachers Pay Teachers.

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