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This easy paper straw bubble wand craft is a fun, no plastic activity that adults and kids will love. Bubbles just seem to have a magical way of helping us to experience awe, they capture our attention, make us laugh and bring us joy with each pop. I’ll also share my homemade bubble mixture recipe, so that you don’t need to buy expensive shop bought stuff.

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An Eco Friendly Craft for Kids

What I love about this DIY paper straw bubble wand craft is that it’s also eco friendly and non plastic. Also if you decide to make your own bubble solution, you save on lots of tiny plastic bottles and you can make up as much as you need. If you are looking for an eco friendly bubble wand that will last a bit longer then I love this wire magic bubble tree wand from Thyme2dream on Etsy.

Homemade Bubble Solution Recipe

Here is my home made bubble mix recipe which is one that I have inherited from my son’s play centre. I love that you can make loads up and if it spills, oh well. I have found, so far Fairy (UK brand) in apple to be the best washing up liquid to use for bubble mix.


  • 9 TABLE spoons Liquid Detergent
  • 1 TABLE spoon Glycerin


  • Stir carefully so it doesn’t bubble too much
  • Can dilute with a little bit of water if desired
  • Store in a glass jar or just use on the day!
  • Can work better if left over night but it’s optional.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this DIY Straw Maze:

Lets get Started!

For this DIY Paper Straw Bubble Wand, you’ll need; 7 paper straws, twine and bubble solution.
Cut two lengths of twine (approx 5 cm each).
Then tie one at the top and bottom of the straws. This brings them together to create the wand.
Dip in bubble solution and blow. The wand creates some really fun bubbles!
I love this craft as it’s so simple, lots of fun and no plastic is used.
My homemade bubble mix is; 9 tbsps of dish liquid and 1 tbsp of glycerin. Stir carefully so not to create bubbles and add water to dilute if needed.
What you'll need
Paper Straws
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How to Use Bubble Wands with Kids

There are lots of ways you can you use bubble wands with your kids and even weave in some well being skills too.

Depending on the age of your children you can make modifications to some of the following activities.

Here are some great ways you can use these DIY bubble wands with kids:

Take a Mindful Moment

Encourage kids to use their senses to explore the bubbles. What do they see or hear? Get kids to look out for the biggest or smallest bubbles and see if they can spot any rainbow reflections. Kids can also practice mindful breathing and try out strong versus a calm breath. What do they notice?

Chase Bubbles and Get Moving

Does this ever get old. Blow bubbles for your kids and let them chase and pop them. This simple activity encourages movement and play. Children of all ages loves to chase bubbles. A great summer activity outside in bare feet. Make it into a game and get kids to count how many bubbles they burst or who can pop them the fastest.

Savour the Good Times

This is more for the parent but a good skill for kids too, just take in the laughter and joy that this simple activity brings. Acknowledge how you feel and enjoy that positive feeling, time passes too quickly and we should treasure all the joyful moments we have.

Make Bubble Wand Gifts

These bubble wands would make a great inexpensive gift that children could make for their friends. Giving kids the opportunity to practice kindness and sharing. They could also make a cute non plastic party favour, with a tag with the bubble mix recipe on.

Make Giant Bubbles

Another cool idea is to go big! This is us down the beach with a giant bubble wand which we made. I also had them at my son’s 4th birthday party and the kids and adults loved them. Be careful though as you will need a different bubble mix for giant bubbles, here’s the one I used. You can get a great set of handmade giant bubble wands here on Etsy from the Bubble Connection.

If you would like to practice more creative, calming activities with your children at home or in the classroom. I have lots to choose from in my store or head over to my freebie library for some free printables!

I hope you enjoy making these paper straw bubble wands with your kids, we really love them and it was lots of fun connecting through creativity, play and a little calm! Emma x