About Calm Ahoy Kids

Hi there, I’m Emma and I’m so glad you found your way to Calm Ahoy Kids. I am a mum, wife and qualified social worker. I’m also a blogger, crafter, creator of calm and drinker of tea. Both my work and my son inspired me to create Calm Ahoy Kids. I wanted to share with my son simple, calming strategies that he could learn and take with him one way or another into adulthood.

I like to create stories, activities and craft projects that inspire creativity, curiosity and connectedness. Then with in this I weave important well being skills like mindfulness, relaxation, happiness and self awareness.

As a family we love adventures (big or small) and we are always inspired by nature, the beach is an important place to us. I love to be creative and part of finding our calm as a family is getting our craft on. My husband loves photography and is a carpenter, I love to paint and crochet and my son loves any opportunity to be creative. So you’ll see lots of craft and art project ideas here at Calm Ahoy Kids. Being creative in whichever way you love, is an important part of managing stress, our well being and expressing ourselves. No matter how old we are.

Fun Facts

  • Originally from Cornwall in the UK, we have been living in New Zealand for nearly 7 years and we hope that we can return home to Cornwall in 2021.
  • I am currently a school social worker and have been for the last 3.5 years.
  • I wrote a children’s book called, The Feelings Hotel during lockdown, which was inspired by my mindfulness training.
  • In a former life I owned a vintage shop with my good friend, it was called Two Little Birds. I still love anything vintage.
  • We love campervanning and have explored New Zealand in our campervan called Van Morrison.
  • I’m helping my son to learn to cook and like to go on what we call, ‘Recipe Adventures!’
  • I am a qualified kids yoga teacher and me and my son met Jaimie from Cosmic Kids at her yoga class when she visited New Zealand.
  • I love to run Calm Ahoy Kids classes with children and this year I was asked to join the Singapore Book Council and deliver workshops to schools in Singapore online from NZ. It was a challenge for me but I loved it!

So whether you are a parent, carer or teacher, I hope that you can find something here at Calm Ahoy Kids that inspires you and your child to be creative, curious and connect! {Join my free resource library here}

Thank you so much, Emma.

Any questions you can email me at calmahoykids@gmail.com or you can find me at: