Lion Breaths for Kids

Lion breaths for kids is a mighty breathing exercise that encourages children to release whatever they need to. Whether this is energy, feelings or thoughts. Children will imagine that they are mighty lions and use their roaring breath to relax their bodies and minds. This breathing activity can help children to use their breath inContinue reading “Lion Breaths for Kids”

Heart Breaths for Kids

Heart breaths for kids is a calming, mindful breathing activity which encourages children to explore what they love about themselves. They will use their imaginations to think positive thoughts, relax their body and practice mindful breathing. This breathing activitycan help children to learn to focus their minds, increase self awareness and self esteem. {Related Post: BirthdayContinue reading “Heart Breaths for Kids”

18 Playful Breathing Activities for Kids

This is a list of 18 playful breathing activities for kids. Learning to practice breathing can be pretty boring, even as an adult it can feel difficult some days, so here’s a fun list of mindful breathing exercises to try with your kids. What is Playful Breathing with Kids? Playful breathing is part using theContinue reading “18 Playful Breathing Activities for Kids”