Calming Leaf Breaths Activity for Kids

This calming leaf breaths activity for kids is a soothing, natureinspired, shape breathing technique.

Teaching Mindful Breathing using Shapes

Teaching mindful breathing using shapes is a fun and playful activity, that can help children to relax.

3 Simple Breathing Exercises to Calm Children’s Big Feelings.

When we learn to use our breath, we are learning a life skill, we are learning that we have the ability to calm our bodies and our minds.

How to use Dragon Breaths to Calm Angry feelings.

Dragon Breaths can help release the fire in our bellies. It is a fun activity to practice for those moments when we feel anger.

Balloon Breaths – Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children.

Balloon Breaths introduce children to mindful, deep breathing. Breathing into our bellies sends a signal to our bodies that we want to relax.

Buzzy Bee Breaths: A Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children.

Buzzy Bee Breaths in a playful mindful breathing activity for kids, teaching them to becoming aware of their senses in a really fun way.