DIY Halloween Nature Broom {Free Printable Instruction}

This DIY nature broom is the perfect Halloween craft. It is so simple to make and so much fun. Bonus that by making a DIY witches broom for Halloween you don’t need to buy a plastic one. Related Post: Breathe its Halloween – Calming Broom Breaths, Spooky Nature Crafts and Relaxing Spells for Little Monsters.Continue reading “DIY Halloween Nature Broom {Free Printable Instruction}”

Calm Heart Craft {self love and mindful breathing for kids}

Making a simple Calm Heart can inspire and teach your child how to take a mindful breath and become aware of the things that they love about themselves. This self love and mindful breathing craft for kids, can help to develop self esteem and conversations around the importance of recognising the unique and amazing things about ourselvesContinue reading “Calm Heart Craft {self love and mindful breathing for kids}”