Emma is a creative wellbeing coach based in Cornwall, UK and can offer 1 to 1 coaching to kids either via zoom or in person. Emma uses a strengths based approach to support children to focus on their goals and the steps required to achieve them. Coaching sessions are playful, creative and focused on the child’s / young persons interests and individual needs.

person drawing on a notebook

Emma uses a variety of programmes, techniques and interventions to create a bespoke service. She has over 15 years experience working with children and families and has a social work / mental health background. Emma loves to use creativity and playfulness in her coaching and incorporates wellbeing skills such as breathwork, mindset positivity (gratitude, strengths and growth mindset), relaxation, mindfulness and social emotional learning into her work.

Some of the training and qualifications that Emma has:

  • Bsc Social Work Qualification (experience working in children’s mental health, schools and many other settings).
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens Certification
  • Mind-be Mindfulness for Children Certification
  • Relax Kids Coach Certification
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga Certification

Calm Ahoy Kids creative wellbeing coaching can help children develop tools and strategies to:

  • Build children’s social, emotional and wellbeing confidence
  • Understand and regulate emotions
  • Build higher self-esteem and increased self-awareness
  • Develop a tool box of healthy coping strategies
  • Become more resilient and cope with difficult situations
  • Develop skills to practice a positive mindset

Initial Consultation

As a parent, when you book your child’s first coaching session, you will have an initial conversation with Emma to discuss the individual needs of your child and your hopes for the sessions. We can then arrange a first session. During the first session, Emma will share your hopes for your child and then work with your child to think about what their goals are and how we could achieve these though our coaching sessions. From there we can begin the coaching journey.


The coaching sessions with your child are confidential unless it is a safeguarding disclosure and/or a legal matter which requires social care to be notified. However, with permission Emma will ask to share goals, sucesses, tools and strategies being identified and used in the session with parents and carers so that these can be followed up and celebrated out of the session.

How long are the sessions / where are they held?

Sessions are structured for an hour. Parents accompany their child to the first few minutes of the session for a check-in together and then for the last few minutes of the session, the parent is invited to hear from the child about what they have worked on, and talk to Emma about how they can continue to support at home. Sessions can be held weekly, fortnightly or monthly over a period of time that meets the need of the family and child. We can meet at the child’s home, at my community venue or if required and agreed in a school setting. There is also the option of meeting via zoom.

To find out more or book a creative wellbeing coaching session, contact Emma.