Relax Kids


About 4 years ago I trained to be a Relax Kids coach in New Zealand. I was working in a school as a mental health professional and seeing the impact that enduring mental health conditions were having on children and young people. As a mum of a little boy and a professional, I wanted to find a fun and engaging way to teach children, from an early age, important well being and life skills.

Relax Kids brought together my passions for well being and creativity. From there I taught community classes and worked with children and families one to one. As well as using the resources in my own home and at school.


Relax Kids is an effective, age appropriate and fun way to introduce children to a range of wellbeing techniques. It helps children to recognise their strengths and boost their confidence, positivity and self-esteem. It gives children simple but effective tools to increase resilience and emotional regulation, and to deal with stress and anxiety. Relax Kids sessions also provide lots of opportunity for developing a wider range of skills and attributes such as creativity, self-expression, co-operation and respect.

Relax Kids uses a special 7-step system. Each step has distinct wellbeing benefits, and it also works as a whole, to take children from high energy to relaxed and calm.

Relax Kids is award-winning and is used in over 40 countries. It is endorsed by child psychologists, therapists, social workers, teachers, learning mentors and SENCOs.


Relax Kids is ideal for schools. It is very flexible and can be adapted and delivered to meet the needs of the school:

* It can be done with full classes, small groups or as a 1 to 1.

* It is suitable for nursery and all primary ages.

* It can be adapted to include a topic or focus relevant to the school.

* It can be done as a ‘one off’ for wellbeing weeks etc or can be done over a few weeks or longer term to develop and embed the techniques.