How to Make a Nature Bunny Crown

Nature bunny crown craft for kids. This simple eco friendly cardboard, nature bunny crown is an easy movement craft for kids of all ages.

Paper Butterfly’s – Mindful Movement Craft for Kids

Flying paper butterfly’s is a fun, mindful movement craft for kids. This easy craft encourages children to take flight and move their bodies, as well as just relaxing and enjoying creative downtime.

DIY Colour Walk Adventure Kit

Take your kids out on an adventure with their own DIY colour walk kit.

A Mindful Art Activity for Kids • How to Make Art to Sound

Making art to sound is an easy, mindful art activity for kids of all age

Rainbow Star Wand: Mindful Movement Craft for Kids

The Rainbow Star Wand is a colourful craft and you can get lots of play and movement from this simple toy.

Firework Rocket Straws: Breathing Activity Craft for Kids

Grab a few materials and have fun making some Firework Rocket Straws!