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This DIY succulent plant pot craft is so simple and a beautiful, ‘Thank you for helping me grow’ gift. An easy, inexpensive craft that kids can make and share with the special people in there lives. The great thing is that succulents are so hardy, so little hands that may not be that gentle when they are being potted do not phase them. They pretty much survive anything and look great!

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Plant gift craft for mothers day and teachers gift

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Succulents are great for busy mums and teachers!

I’ll start by saying I am not a green fingered person, so when I discovered succulents I was so happy. Hooray! a plant that I couldn’t kill. I brought a couple and they just seemed to grow and multiple with out any work. I’d leave them at school all over the school holidays and they would still be sitting pretty when I arrived back.

My son also loved to pull them out of the plant pot as he whirl winded his way around the garden. Hours later when I discovered the discarded succulents on the ground, I just scooped then back up in to their pot, no drama.

So, suffice to say I am a big fan! And that’s why I think they are a great gift for busy mums and teachers. They can experience the joy of a plant with out the extra worry and responsibility of trying to care for them.

We actually made these for my sons preschool teachers as Christmas gifts. My son was so proud taking in his creations to his teachers. They all genuinely seemed really touched by his efforts and happy this face as his handed them out. Warm and fuzzy’s all round!

Ready to Make a DIY Succulent Plant Pot?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Succulents {you could buy some from a garden centre, grow them, check local facebook pages or market place too!}
  • Potting soil {we used the basic cheap stuff}
  • Little terracotta pots {we got 3 for $2 NZ}
  • Metallic paint
  • Brushes

Lets get Started!

Say Thanks with Plants

This kindness craft is a great way for kids to practice their skills of being kind. Learning about and acting on kindness at a young age can have positive effects for children in later life. Research shows that kindness is a route to greater happiness, impacting positively on both mental well being and physical health.

A plant is such a simple, inexpensive kind gesture!

Easy DIY Succulent Kindness craft for kids

The Gift of Nature

So not only is it great to practice kindness and share a gift, but plants have their own positive impacts on peoples well being. Having plants around us and taking notice of them, can help people feel more calm and relaxed. Helping to decrease stress and anxiety.

So giving a plant to a busy mum on mothers day or a maybe stressed out teacher at the end of the year could not only give them a dose of kindness. You are also helping them improve their self care!

I hope you enjoy making this DIY succulent plant pot craft activity with your kids, we really did love it and will definitely be painting and potting again! Emma x

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