Slow Snail Breathing Activity { + Free Printable}

This slow snail breathing activity is a playful relaxation exercise for all ages. In this post I’ll share how to take a snail breath and how you can link this relaxing breathing exercise for kids into fun creative art projects too.

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Slow Snail Breathing Activity Free Printable Mindfulness Poster for Kids

{Click Here for Free Snail Breaths Poster}

What is the Slow Snail Breathing Activity?

In this breathing activity children will use the shape of a spiral, which represents the snails shell to trace a slow snail breath. Using the spiral shape and the touch, will help children to focus on the breathing activity and slow down.

Just like the Relaxing Rainbow Breaths exercise this activity involves using the breath and tracing a shape.

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How to Take a Slow Snail Breath!

Slow Snail Breathing Activity Relaxation Story for Kids

Step 1: Listen to Gloopus the Snail

Take a listen to the relaxation story Gloopus the Snail and the Mud bath. It will engage kids and get them to feel nice and calm before they take a snail breath.

You can find the printable kit, which includes the script, plus relaxation and creative worksheets here.

Step 2: Practice your Slow Snail Breathing Activity

  1. Print off the Snail Breaths poster.
  2. Point to the black dot on the outside of the snails shell
  3. Then as you breathe in, trace the spiral until
  4. your reach the middle black dot.
  5. As you breathe out trace your finger back.
Playdough Snail Sanctuary for Kids

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Step 3: Get Creative

After you have practiced your slow snail breathing activity together then try out a fun snail themed art or craft activity. Try colouring, drawing snails or making a Relaxing Playdough Snail Sanctuary

Take a look on Instagram at what we got up to when we practiced snail breaths at home. My son did some gorgeous snail drawings and created a very cool paper plate snail.

Relax Kids

If you try this activity, tag me on Instagram! I’d love to see how your snail sanctuary’s turn out!

I hope you enjoy taking a unicorn breath with your children. I love sharing these activities at home with my little one and with the children I work with. If you are a teacher, kids yoga instructor, counsellor or parent these resources are great for a calm corner, group session or one to one. I’d love to hear if you’ve found them helpful. Take care, Emma x

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