Peaceful Pumpkin Activities + Free Printables

Take some time this Halloween to encourage kids to relax and find their inner peaceful pumpkins. I have three easy, fun peaceful pumpkin activities for kids to try, plus free printables to go alongside. These are great for home and the classroom, allowing you to create more of a Serene Halloween than a Scream Halloween vibe!

{ 3 Peaceful Pumpkin Activities for Kids}

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    1. Take a Pumpkin Breath

    First up is Pumpkin breaths, for this easy Halloween themed mindful breathing activity kids will use the printable breathing card to trace their fingers up one side of the the pumkin, whilst breathing in and then trace down the other side whilst breathing out.

    Even just tracing the card with a finger, encourages children to concentrate on the their sense of touch, which can be very calming. Once kids have the technique, why not try it out on real pumpkins! Can you notice the different textures, lumps and bumps of the pumpkin?

    You’ll need:

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    Pumpkin Breathing

    2. Decorate a Peaceful Pumpkin

    Our second activitity encourages children to reflect on what makes them feel peaceful. Use the Peaceful Pumpkin feelings card and talk about some of the things that make your children feel peaceful, calm or content. Once kids have some ideas, then they can decorate their peaceful pumpkin worksheets and create art inspired by their answers.

    Children could even transfer their designs onto a real pumpkin with paint or markers!

    You’ll need:


    Free Mindfulness Halloween Printables
    Free Printable in my free resource library Free Resource Library

    3. Mindful Halloween Colouring

    Finally it time to bring out the colouring. This soft focus activity encourages children to relax their minds and concentrate on the task at hand. An easy activity but it’s great for building concentration and focus. Find a comfy, quiet spot, make a snack and settle down for some colouring.

    Turn your colouring pages into paper planes and see who can fly theirs the furthest!

    You’ll need:

    I hope you enjoy these Peaceful Pumpkin activities for kids. My son loves Halloween, so its always a great time to practice some spooky, fun coping skills! Take Care Emma xxx

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