Magical Unicorn Breathing for Kids

Magical unicorn breathing for kids is a creative and fun way to teach children how to use their breath as a calming, mindful tool. The really fun part is that children can first relax and listen to a unicorn themed breathing story. Then practice their breathing exercises and finish by getting creative and drawing their very own unicorn breath.

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Breating Story and Realaxtion Script for Kids

How to Teach Magical Unicorn Breathing for Kids?

First children are invited to listen to the breathing story that I have written called, Molly the Unicorn and the Magical Air Balloon. Then once children have learnt about brave Molly and her magical unicorn breaths then its their turn to try the breathing exercises out. There are two breathing activities to try, Unicorn Breaths and Unicorn Horn Breaths.

We follow with a chance to reflect, then to finish children are invited to create a piece of art, creating their very own beautiful unicorn breath. If you would like to buy the printable kit to go along with this activity then you can find it in my shop, the kit includes session plan, story script, posters and worksheets.

We will work through 4 steps, which can be done in order, or as stand alone activities.

  • Step 1: Listen to the breathing story
  • Step 2: Practice the breathing exercises
  • Step 4: Reflect of the activity
  • Step 4: Creative project time

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Step 1: Listen to the breathing story Molly the Unicorn and the Magical Air Balloon.

Step 2: Practice some Unicorn Breathing for Kids

Learning mindful breathing can help kids to develop awareness of their feelings and bodies, help to focus their minds and relax. This simple life skill is a great tool for kids overall wellbeing as they learn to manage the daily challenges in their lives.

Unicorn Breaths:

  1. Start by imagining that you are a unicorn with a magical breath.
  2. Breathe in and imagine your belly filling with sparkly, colourful air.
  3. Then breath out and watch the whirling, swirling magic breath fill the space around you.

Unicorn Horn Breaths:

  1. Start by placing your finger on the unicorn ear.
  2. Then as you breathe in, trace your finger upto the point of the horn.
  3. Then pause.
  4. Next, trace your finger down the other side of the horn breathing out.
Magical Unicorn Breathing for Kids
Shop here for the printable ‘My Book of Breaths’ activities

Step 3: Pause for Reflection

This is a chance to guide some reflection and ask children what they noticed. There are no righ or wrong answers, this is a nice opportunity for children to feel heard and valued. Some question ideas are:

  • What was their favourite breathing activity?
  • Did they notice anything in their bodies
  • How do they feel now?
  • What part of the story did they enjoy?
  • Did they enjoy the relaxation?
  • When could unicorn breaths be helpful?

Step 4: Finish with Some Creativity

This is one of my favourite parts, I love using creativity in my sessions and this art project is was lot’s of fun. We used lots of watercolour, glitter glue, cotton wool and paint sticks. You can use whatever art supplies you have to hand.

Art Project: Create your own Unicorn Breath Artwork

What you’ll need: Paper and Art supplies

  1. Gather any supplies you have, you can use paints, pens, glitter, glue and any other craft bits
  2. Ask children to imagine their own unicorn breath and create it with whatever they like, there in no wrong way to do this activity.
  3. Remind children to notice their breath as the draw, paint and glue.
  4. Share art work with each other and celebrate!

I hope you enjoy taking a unicorn breath with your children. I love sharing these activities at home with my little one and with the children I work with. If you are a teacher, kids yoga instructor, counsellor or parent these resources are great for a calm corner, group session or one to one. I’d love to hear if you’ve found them helpful. Take care, Emma x

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