Firework Rocket Straws: Breathing Activity Craft for Kids

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Grab a few materials and have fun making some Firework Rocket Straws! My little boy loved creating and decorating his rocket and then launching them in the garden – it’s such a great way for kids to explore breath awareness, get moving and have fun!

  • Skill Level – Intermediate: Adults may need to help younger children with rolling the paper which can be a bit tricky to keep in place and stick.
  • Time to Make – 10 minutes making + endless fun playing


  • Straws
  • Pipe Cleaners, Curling Ribbon and Sequins
  • Paper (light-weight paper)
  • Tape and Glue
  • Scissors


1 – Cut a piece of 10x5cm paper, but don’t worry too much it doesn’t have to be exact.

2 – Roll the paper strip loosely around the  straw.

3 – Tape the rolled up paper along the edge to secure it.

4 – Fold the top of the paper tube over, place pipe cleaner or curling ribbon in-between the fold and tape it down. We curled the ribbon and spiraled the pipe cleaners before we stuck them, but it doesn’t matter if you do it before or after.

5 – Decorate your tube with sequins and add some Razzle Dazzle. Pop the paper tube on the straw (But don’t push it to far or it will get stuck) – and get launching your firework rocket straws.


This activity is both simple and playful and also a great opportunity to practice mindful breathing and becoming aware of our breath in our bodies. When you practice breath awareness regularly, you can develop self awareness, feelings of calm, focus and attention.

You can easily prompt this by asking your kids to try out using different types of breaths such as slow, fast, strong or extra long. What do they notice when they use different breaths? How does it feel in their bodies? How did they feel after they used their breath. There are no wrong or right answers, just an opportunity to notice how they feel in the moment.

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Extending the Firework Rocket Straw Activity

I’d love to hear if you try out the activity 🙂 Take Care

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