Easy Blackberry Painting Art Project

This easy blackberry painting art project is a really simple, fun way to get creative with natural resources. This calming craft activity had us both in the flow for a long time, by the time we looked up we had created a whole table of paintings! The squishy textures and vibrant colours of the blackberries engaged the senses and there was wonder in the anticipation of how each picture would turn out!

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Blackberry Painting Nature Project for Kids

What berries to use for berry painting?

You don’t have to forage your berries or even just use blackberries for this activity. You could try raspberries or blueberries and frozen berries work well too. Why not get creative and see what else you could throw in the mix!

{See our berry painting Instagram post with pics and details here}

Ready to get Blackberry Painting?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blackberries (frozen and defrosted or fresh)
  • Paper
  • Brushes
  • A container for the berries
  • Water in a cup to wash the brushes
  • A masher or fork for squishing the berries
  • Any extras (we threw a few leaves it too!)

Then simply pop your paint brush in and go!

How to make it berry mindful!

Whilst you are painting your blackberry pictures, prompt kids to engage their senses. Try squishing the berries in between the paper and noticing how it feels. Then as you peel back the paper and reveal an interesting shape. What do they see? Maybe try painting a rainbow and finding different shades of purple in the subtle colours of the blackberries or notice the squelching of the paintbrush as it hits the paper covered in berries.

Take a breath together and appreciate all the feel good fun, creativity and calm.

Easy Nature Art Activity with Berries

If you’d like to explore some more ideas, take a peek at our Rainbow Bagels Recipe, where we used some of the blackberries we foraged! Its another food at project, but you get to eat it!

I hope you enjoy this easy blackberry painting art project together with your kids, we really did love it and will definitely be painting with berries again! Emma x

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