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These fun, easy fruit rainbow bagels are a great no-cook recipe for kids. The best bit is when you get to sit down and create your rainbow food art, we had great fun bringing a little creativity and laughter to snack time. The free printable recipe cards that I have made, help kids to follow the recipe step by step and take the lead in the process of cooking.

fun fruit rainbow bagels recipe

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Lets Go on a Recipe Adventure

This recipe was one of our planned recipe adventures. This means we that we firstly spend some time exploring one of the main ingredients in the recipe. Then we prepare and make the recipe, led by my son wherever possible. We also focus on the sharing and celebrating the food. Finally its nice to tie the recipe adventure up and enjoy some playtime related to our theme.

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Our fun fruit rainbow bagels recipe adventure started when we decided to forage for blackberries. This in itself was such a fun family activity, apart from a few bramble mishaps! It was great to get outside, explore the forest and source our own berries.

foraging for blackberries - recipe idea for kids

Foraging with Kids

Foraging is an a great skill that can also help children to develop everyday mindfulness skills, get into nature and enjoy some exercise. The idea of foraging is for kids to search out and find the things that they are looking for. By doing so, kids need to be present and paying attention to what they are doing. Then there is also the sense of achievement that they get from finding the things they are searching for and using their imagination to figure out what they can make with their treasures.

Tips for How to Forage for Blackberries with Kids:

  • Get everyone involved – We each had our own role, my husband was chief picker, I was second in command and Lowen was quality control.
  • Plan your Trip – Keep away from the roadsides and find a shady / sheltered spot.
  • Check Before you Eat – Have a check it before you eat it rule!
  • Dress for the Activity – Be aware that black berries have lots of prickly brambles, we took gloves, wore clothing that covered our bodies.
  • Be Prepared – Plan where you are going, make sure it’s the time of year that you will find some berries, take tubs and we even took some shears to trim away branches.
  • Be Patient – Picking berries is actually quite time consuming, so slow down and be patient, there is no rush.
  • Enjoy the Exercise – Blackberry picking is a great way to practice a little mindful movement and enjoy being outside in the fresh air doing something a bit different.
  • Continue the Adventure! – Plan a yummy recipe and enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Time to Make Fun Fruit Rainbow Bagels with our Blackberries

We decided on this fun fruit rainbow bagel recipe as it was an easy, no cook option with minimum prep and maximum fun. This recipe also meant we could also get arty using our black berries and create our own fruit rainbows.

Recipe Adventure Time!

When I’m planning a recipe adventure I like to choose recipes that don’t have too many ingredients to keep things both simple and fun in the kitchen. This helps with making the cooking session manageable and fun.

We have made these bagels a few times, so I created some step by step recipe cards, they are really helpful for keeping little ones on track and letting them take the lead and feel more independent in the kitchen. There are 7 steps and this includes one card for washing hands and another for washing up (this was the most challenging one!). {Download the free printable recipe cards in our resource library}

Rainbow Bagel Free Printable Recipe Cards

Stay Calm and Cook

A great way to start your time in the kitchen is to take a breath before you begin, its good to ground yourselves before the excitement and busyness of cooking takes over. I can find that being in the kitchen with children, can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. So managing my emotions in front of Lowen and using a healthy coping strategies is a great skill that I can model and share with him. We loved practicing Rainbow Breaths before we started the recipe.

Let’s Make Rainbow Bagels

  1. Let’s get Ready – Get all the kit you need ready (Knife, chopping board, spoon, plate and bowl) and have the printed cards handy if you are using them.
  2. Prepare your fruit – Any fruit will do, but its nice if you are making this with children that they can prepare the majority of the fruit. Berries and soft fruits are great. We chose 5 fruits, banana, raspberries, kiwi, orange blackberries. We used some of the blackberries that we foraged, but we’ve also just used berries from the freezer which worked just as well.
rainbow fruit bagels ingredients - 5 fruits

2. Its all about the base. For the base we went with bagels. The bonus was that we could cut them into arc shapes to make rainbows. But to be honest you could use toast or crackers, whatever you have available. I toasted my bagel but Lowen didn’t, so it’s down to preference.

Rainbow shaped bagels

3. Create your master piece. Next you’ll need a ‘glue’ we used cream cheese, but peanut butter or chocolate spread {try cream cheese and Nutella mixed, so yum) could be other options. Then its time to assemble your rainbow and get creative. {Try our Hungry Caterpillar fruit platter, for another easy no cook fun recipe}

Fun Fruits Rainbow bagels Recipe

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Fun Fruit Rainbow Bagels

These easy, fun fruit rainbow bagels are a great no-cook recipe for kids and they make a great healthy food art activity too.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Make Time 15 minutes
Course Breakfast, Snack
Servings 2 people


  • Chopping Board
  • Knife (We used a child safe plastic one)
  • Plates


  • 2 Bagels
  • 2 tbsp Cream cheese
  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Tangerine
  • ½ Cup Raspberries
  • ½ Cup Blackberries
  • 1 Kiwi


  • Prepare all of the fruit. We chose 5 fruits. This can vary depending on what is in season or what you have in the house. Frozen berries can work well too if you don't have fresh.
  • Cut the bagels in have and then in have again to create a small rainbow shaped arc. If you don't have a bagel just use bread, it will still be fun.
    Cutting rainbow shaped Bagel
  • Add the 'glue' to your bagel. This will help the fruit stay in place when you are eating. We used cream cheese, but you could also use peanut butter or chocolate spread.
Keyword Food Art, Fruit, Kid Friendly, No Cook Recipe


Making Some Fun Fruit Rainbow Bagel Art

This recipe was the perfect recipe to share. We set the table with our bagels and plate of fruit and got creative making fruit rainbow bagel art. There were some giggles and compliments as our master pieces were assembled. It was really fun making art you can eat!

Mindful Eating with Kids

Making the bagels ourselves was nice as it really slowed us down and we could really appreciate the food we had prepared. There were also lots of opportunities to take some mindful bites, the cream cheese mixed with the fruit was so creamy and sweet, so delicious.

Taking a mindful bite is an easy way to practice mindfulness in a fun way with your kids. Before you take a mouthful of your food, make sure you use your 5 senses to explore what you are about to eat. Use your sense of taste last and you’ll hopefully be pleasantly surprised on how good it tastes, or you may even notice something you don’t like and that’s ok too.


Add a little Rainbow to Your Day!

The play part of our recipe adventure is an opportunity to continue the fun and connection. The rainbow bagels actually combined cooking and an art project in one, but you see a few more ideas below. A shared story is always a simple, nice way to end a recipe adventure.

I hope you enjoyed our Fruit Rainbow Bagel Recipe Adventure. Whether you simply made the recipe and enjoyed the creativity that it allowed or tried one of the other activities too, it would be lovely to see what you got up to. Give us a tag on Instagram at @calmahoykids.

Check out of Rainbow Breaths printable kit. A great calming breathing activity to support the well being of children and teach them important like skills in a fun, creative way.

Take care and stay creative, calm and connected.

Rainbow Breaths - Children's Breathing Activity


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