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These easy to make sensory balloon eggs make a fantastic DIY stress ball. Very simple supplies are needed and they are inexpensive. They make a great addition to a calm corner or a lovely gift. Store in an empty egg carton and you have your very own calm kit. Kids will love the different textures and colours of the balloons. A calming and creative project for kids of all ages.

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DIY Sensory Balloon Eggs Stress Balls Craft for Kids

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These DIY sensory balloons are a great activity for kids and I love that you can gently weave in some well being skills as a bonus. Kids will find these balloons very relaxing as they squish and squeeze the different fillings, the muscles in their hands will relax and signal to their bodies they are calm. They is also the opportunity to practice mindfulness and using our senses to explore how they feel and what sounds the balloons make.

Add these balloons to a relaxing bath, kids can wind down and you can turn bath time in to an even more calming activity. I love that they are waterproof and kids will find this such fun!

Choosing Calming Fillings with your Kids

Choosing the fillings for your balloons can be a really fun activity and a chance for you to connect before the craft begins. Explore the pantry what have you got in there that could be used, or take a trip to the supermarket and choose some fillings together. Ask your kids, what do they think they will feel like before they make them.

Here is a list of calming filling ideas that you could try:

  • Black beans or any other dried beans
  • Flour
  • Corn flour
  • Rice
  • Linseed or any other seeds
  • Playdough { Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe }
  • Sand
  • Kinesthetic sand
  • Beads
  • Salt

Making DIY Stress Balls without Balloons

Whether you do like the idea of using balloons, your kids have an allergy to latex or maybe you just don’t have any to hand. You can use socks as an alternative. I have used socks with rice to make a Calming Lavender Sock Bunny {No Sew} or just simply tie a knot in a filled sock. Want to see more? Check out my Instagram post here.

I love these crochet stress balls from Bubba Crochet as an alternative to balloons.

Crochet Stress balls no balloons

Here’s what you’ll need to make these great DIY calming tool for kids:

Lets get Started!

  • Balloons
  • Fillings
  • Egg Box
  • Funnel
  • Scissors

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How to use Sensory Egg Balloons with your kids

Use Sensory Balloon Eggs in a Calm Kit

These sensory eggs make a lovely calm kit for kids. A calm kit is a set of tools that children can use to manage big emotions or just use for downtime whenever they like. You can use the egg box by its self as a little kit or add it to some other items.

Check out my favourite calm kit items for kids from Etsy.

Use Sensory Balloon Eggs in a Calm Corner

Add your sensory eggs to a calm corner. A calm corner is a safe, cozy space where kids can safely manage their emotions or just spend their down time relaxing in. A calm corner will usually have cushions and a blanket and have a choice of visual cues and calming tools. We use our eggs in our calm corner at home and love mixing them up with lots of other calming activities.

This is a list of my favourite calm corner goodies for kids from Etsy

Use these DIY Calming Tools for Kids at Home or in the Classroom

The great thing is that these sensory eggs are inexpensive and easy to make. So you can have a set at home, some in the garden, in the car and maybe even pop one or two in your kids school bag as a way for them to take a calm moment at school.

We boxed up a set for my son’s preschool and he was able to share them at mat time with the other children. They are then going to add them to their classroom calm space. They are a lovely way to add a little calm to a classroom or playground.

Here is a list of all my favourite calming tools for the classroom on Etsy.

DIY sensory egg craft for kids - easy calming tool

Relax and be Playful

When you have finished making the eggs, spend some time together using them. Play around with how they can help your children when they are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. Which balloon is their favourite? Have the balloons available to use when kids are calm too, they can be used as a nice distraction, brain break or some well needed downtime.

Use them for an Easter Egg hunt, whether its Easter or not they could be used in the garden as they are waterproof and would be a great way to get kids moving their bodies.

If you don’t have time to gather all the stuff but love the idea of making DIY stress balls, then check out this fabulous DIY Kit from Hill Country Craft Kits.

DIY sensory egg balloon stress ball kit
If you love the idea of making DIY Stress Balls but don’t have time get a kit from Hill Country Crafts

If you would like to practice more creative, calming activities with your children at home or in the classroom. I have lots to choose from in my store or head over to my freebie library for some free printables!

{Find lots of fun printable breathing activities that you could use with this activity in my Etsy store}

I hope you enjoy making these fun sensory balloons with your kids, we really love them and as always its beautiful to connect through creativity and calm! Emma x

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