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We made this simple cardboard, nature bunny crown as an alternative eco friendly Easter bonnet. But we have been enjoying them way past Easter and they are still being worn lots in our imaginative play. A great craft for kids with the bonus of them getting outside and moving their bodies both before and after they get crafty.

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Nature bunny crown craft for kids.

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This is such a beautiful craft for kids and I love that kids of all ages can join in. I always love to gently weave in some well being skills in to our crafts and this was the perfect opportunity to focus on the benefits of movement and nature for our mental health.

Before we began, we took a lovely mindful walk and collected our natural resources for the project and afterwards we headed for a run in the forest to see what it’s like to be a wild rabbit!

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Benefits of Children connecting with Nature

Many studies show the positive links between direct experiences in nature and children’s mental, emotional and physical health and well-being. Studies show that regular direct access to nature can:

  • Increase self esteem and resilience against stress and adversity.
  • Improve concentration, learning, creativity and cognitive development
  • Develop cooperation, flexibility and self-awareness.

Read more about the research here: NZ Department of Conservation Factsheet

Here are some ideas for natural resources you could collect:

  • Leaves (both dry and normal leaves worked well)
  • Sand (This was like glitter which was cool)
  • Flowers (you could press and dry these)
  • Feathers
  • Seeds like sycamore or even acorn caps
  • Sticks and grass
  • Give kids a little paper bag and see what they discover. I always talk about only taking what we need and making sure we are taking things that are allowed.

Here’s what you’ll need to make DIY Nature Bunny Crowns

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Natural resources
  • Optional: We used a paper bag to collect resources in, but pockets are good too!

Lets get Started!

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Encouraging Creative Mindful Movement with Kids

Once you have finishing making your nature bunny crown, its lovely to finish the activity by getting out and showing them off. We headed for a walk to the forest and played a game called, “Wild Rabbit”.

We just took turns naming different types of rabbits, eg curious rabbit, happy rabbit, bouncy rabbit. Then interpreted them in our movement. But when we shouted, ‘Wild Rabbit’, we just went WILD! Running and jumping. Lots of fun, creative mindful movement.

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This simple eco friendly cardboard, nature bunny crown is an easy movement craft for kids of all ages.

Make Eco Friendly Party Crowns

This nature bunny crown craft would also make a great eco friendly party craft for a birthday party or Easter egg hunt. You could make them up beforehand and then the children could have great fun making their own nature party hats. A lovely party activity, plus they can take them home as their party favour too!

If you like the idea of the nature crown idea, but don’t have the time to make the crowns then check out my favourite Etsy find! These beautiful wooden wands from Koko Hello. These could also be decorated and encourage lots of movement. They’d also go beautifully with the crowns.

Wooden Kids Wands

If you would like to practice more creative, calming crafts with your children at home or in the classroom. I have lots to choose from in my store or head over to my freebie library for some free printables!

I hope you enjoy making this nature bunny crown craft with your kids, we really did and it was a lovely way to connect with nature too! Emma x

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