Breathe its Halloween – Calming Broom Breaths, Spooky Nature Crafts and Relaxing Spells for Little Monsters.

Broom Breaths teaches children that we all have a magical breath that can help us in our day to day lives.

The Breathing Bell – Mindful Breathing Exercise

This is a short mindful breathing activity called the Breathing Bell. This activity encourages using the imagination to pause and deep belly breathe.

Dancing Trees a Fun Yoga Game for Busy Bears

Dancing Trees is a fun yoga game that can help kids improve their balance, concentration and strength by practicing tree pose.

Balloon Breaths – Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children.

Balloon Breaths introduce children to mindful, deep breathing. Breathing into our bellies sends a signal to our bodies that we want to relax.

Buzzy Bee Breaths: A Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children.

Buzzy Bee Breaths in a playful mindful breathing activity for kids, teaching them to becoming aware of their senses in a really fun way.

Birthday Cake Breaths: A Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children.

Birthday Cake Breaths are a fun introduction to mindful breathing. This simple breathing exercise is a great way to gently introduce the idea of breathing on purpose to children as a coping strategy.