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This DIY nature broom is the perfect Halloween craft. It is so simple to make and so much fun. Bonus that by making a DIY witches broom for Halloween you don’t need to buy a plastic one.

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DIY Halloween Nature Broom {Free Printable Instruction}
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Let’s Make a DIY Halloween Nature Broom

Ready to give it a try!? Here’s what you’ll need...


  • A broom handle (a sturdy stick)
  • The sweepy broom bit (we used pine needles, but you could use grass, straw, sticks or whatever is around.)
  • Some natural jute twine and scissors
  • Printable instructions (see below)
Non Plastic Kids Broom Forest Nature Craft

Here’s How We Made This DIY Witches Broom:

Step 1:

First step is to find a sturdy stick. This is really fun and a great excuse to go visit a local forest or woodlands. You may already have some sticks that have already been collected.

Find the perfect stick and only take what you need.

Remove any smaller branches and leaves from the stick.

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Homemade Broom for Halloween

Step 2:

Next you’ll need to collect the sweepy section of your broom. We visited a pine forest so used pine needles, but you could use smaller twigs or leaves. Let your children decide how they would like to create their own brooms.

Nature crafts can help to foster creativity and imaginative thinking in children. Playing with natural materials, such as leaves, twigs, and flowers, gives them an opportunity to experiment and to express their own unique ideas and designs.

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Nature Play Halloween

Step 3:

Once you have your two parts its time to connect them. This bit can be a bit tricky. Use the jute twine to wrap the needles or twigs around the bottom of the branch and then secure tightly.

Then it’s time to take a zoom on your broom! You can use this broom alongside my broom breaths activity.

DIY Halloween Nature Broom {Free Printable Instruction}

You can download a copy of the PDF craft instructions here.

Nature crafts encourage children to spend time outdoors and explore the natural world around them. This helps to develop their curiosity and appreciation for nature! I hope you enjoy making this non-plastic DIY nature broom as much as we did – Take Care Emma x

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