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We love these DIY paper bag worry monsters. They are an art and crafts project and a tool to support children to manage their worries. This fun, creative project is great way for preschool to primary age kids to learn about and express their emotions.

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We love these DIY paper bag worry monsters.

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What is a Paper Bag Worry Monster?

A paper bag worry monster, also known as a “worry eater,” is a mythical creatur designed to help children manage their worries. The concept originated in Germany and is really popular in many other countries.

You can buy soft toy versions of The Worry Monster which typically has a zipper mouth, we love our soft toy Worry Monster and all of the books too!

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How can Worry Monsters Help Children?

Children can write down or draw their worries on a piece of paper and feed it to the monster, symbolically “eating” their worries away. The idea behind the worry monster is to provide children with a tangible way to express and cope with their fears and anxieties.

It can be a helpful tool for teachers, parents and caregivers to facilitate conversations with children about their emotions and to teach them coping strategies.

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Preschool Worry Monster

Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you will need:

Supplies to Paper Bag Worry Monsters

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Worry Monster -  an art and crafts project and a tool to support children to manage their worries.

How to Make a DIY Paper Worry Monster:

Step 1: Prepping Bags

This activity is great with kids of all ages, but the first step can be a bit tricky so it the kids doing the project are younger they I would do this in advance.

First off, cut a circle roughly in the lower middle part on one side of the paper bag. It dosen’t have to be perfect. Worry monsters don’t worry about that kind of thing.

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Step 2: Decorate

This is where chilcdren can start to make the worry monsters their own. We used paint sticks ( I love these, they are great for small hands, low mess and dry almost instanly)

Ask children to choose whatever colours they like and then decorate thier bags!

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Worry Monster Craft Activity

Step 3: Add some Details

Next its time to add eyes and hair. We used different strands of wool to weave around the bag handles and make eye brows.

For the eyes, I have to say big googly ones went down such a hit with the kids and really brough the monsters to life! Check out our post on Instagram.

DIY paper bag worry monsters. T

After we made of DIY paperbag worry monster, we read the book and then children took turns to name them and tell us one thing that they would like to pop in the worry monsters mouth. You can just role play this or we cut out some little paper speech bubbles.

P.S – You can find my free feelings cards in the Free Resource Library that are really helpful to use alongside this activity.

I hope you enjoy making these Worry Monsters with your children. Take Care Emma x

Worry Monster Primary School Activity

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