Pizza Breaths

Pizza Breaths is a relaxation technique for kids that encourages mindful breathing and visualisations to help children reduce stress and anxiety. Its a great breathing activity for pizza loving tweens and teens too!

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How Can Breathing Help Kids

Mindful breathing is a great way for kids to help manage their emotions and stay focused. By taking deep breaths, it can help children slow down and notice their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental way.

This helps them to be aware of their environment and how they are feeling. Additionally, mindful breathing can help children to relax and release stress, which can be beneficial for both their physical and mental health. My Book of Breaths is a easy way to practice breathing with kids.

What is a Pizza Breath

We love Pizza breaths, its a great breathing activity for boys as which boy doesn’t love pizza! Actually everybody loves pizza! Pizza breathing involves visualising a warm, bubbly pizza with delicious toppings and breathing in and out slowly. As kids try this exercise it can to help them to relax and release tension.

It’s even better doing it with the real thing! Try our favourite Kids Pizza Dough with Free Recipe Cards and pizza breathing exercise. My kid gets so excited when we use props we can eat.

Pizza Breaths  is a relaxation technique for kids that encourages mindful breathing and visualisation

How to Take a Pizza Breath

Pizza Breathing can help the tension in your body slowly melt away like mozzarella cheese:

  1. Ask you kids to start by imagining a delicious, warm slice of pizza in front of them. Then to notice its colour, texture, and smell. Then they should take a deep breath in while counting to five, and feeling the pizza’s warmth.
  2. Next, ask them to slowly exhale while counting to five. As they exhale, they can imagine the warmth of the pizza slowly spreading throughout their bodies.
  3. Continue this cycle of Pizza Breathing and imagining the warmth of the pizza for 2 – 4 more breaths. {For more ideas 18 Playful Breathing Activities for Kids}
  4. Try some other breathing activities like Bubble Breaths, Snail Breaths and Heart Breaths.

5 Creative Pizza Themed Extension Activities

  1. Make your own mini pizzas using clay or playdough – you can use a rolling pin to make the dough, and then decorate it with “toppings” made out of craft materials like buttons, glitter, or sequins.
  2. Create a paper plate pizza craft – cut out a paper plate so that it looks like a pizza, then use markers, crayons, or paint to decorate it.
  3. Create a pizza collage! Collect magazine cutouts, fabric scraps, and other materials to create a collage that looks like a pizza.
  4. Make your own pizza-themed greeting cards – cut out a pizza shape from cardstock paper, and decorate it with pizza-themed stamps, stickers, or other design elements. Use it as an invite to your next Pizza Party
  5. Get Cooking and make and design your own Pizza’s – Kids Pizza Dough + Free Recipe Cards

These are just a few ideas to get you started – have fun and be creative!

Pizza Breaths Activity for Teen Boys

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