Relax with Bubble Breaths + Free Guided Imagery Track

Relax with Bubble Breaths. Bubble Breaths is a breathing exercise to help younger children relax by practicing slow, calming breaths. By slowing down and using bubble breaths kids are learning an easy mindfulness activity that can help with managing big feelings.

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How Can Breathing Mindfully Help Kids

When we our bodies are stressed and in fight or flight mode, our breathing becomes shallow and fast. By focusing on their breathing, children can learn to taking deeper, slower breaths which in turn activate their ‘rest and digest’ response. Signalling to the body that they are safe. By giving themselves a moment they can respond rather than react to feelings they are experiencing in the moment.

What are Bubble Breaths

Bubble breaths are a fun breathing technique which encourages children to control their own breathing. They can learn that they have a skill they can use to cope in times of stress.

The fact that they children are visualising and acting out blowing the bubbles makes it a playful exercise. Which makes practicing less boring for kids.

Make this activity even more fun with our printable Bubble Breaths kit, which includes the ‘Bubbles of Love’ guided imagery script, breathing posters, flash card, instructions and art extension ideas.

Bubble Breaths Breathing Activity for Kids

How to Take a Bubble Breath

Instructions for taking a Bubble Breath:

  • Lets Imagine that we are holding on to a magic bubble wand. Hold it tight in your hand.
  • Next dip your wand carefully into the bubble mixture (this is the opposite hand curled up).
  • Next breathe in slowly and blow through your bubble wand.
  • As you look around 100’s of bubble come out of your wand.
  • They are all different colours. What colours can you see in your imagination?
  • Let’s try that again. Breathe in slowly and breathe out through your wand.
  • Extra Mindful Movement: Now run around popping all of the bubbles in the air (demonstrate popping the imaginary bubbles).
  • Props: You can add bubble wands with or with out bubble mixture as fun props. Try out my Easy Paper Bubble Wand {+ Bubble Recipe}

Listen to the Bubbles of Love guided imagery and Bubble Breaths Audio

Bubble Breaths Guided Imagery and kids relaxation activity for anxiety and stress

I hope you and your kids relax with bubble breaths and enjoy this fun, playful breathing activity together. Take care Emma x

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