Hot Chocolate Breaths – Playful Breathing for Kids

Hot chocolate breaths is a playful breathing activity for kids, this technique allows children to practice mindful breathing using their imaginations and play.

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Feeling cosy, feeling snug. Time for a breath that feels like a hug.

Calm Ahoy Kids

Learning mindful breathing can help kids to develop awareness of their feelings and bodies, help to focus their minds and calm their bodies. This simple life skill is a great tool for kids overall wellbeing as they learn to manage the daily challenges in their lives.

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Below you’ll find a Hot Chocolates Breaths script and instructional video. I have also created an accompanying Hot Chocolate Breaths printable guide, which includes a hot chocolate breathing scripts, posters and creative activities. This activity is great for at home, in the community or in the classroom. Try out some of our breathing activities like Snail, Unicorn and Heart breaths.



  • Purpose: Body awareness, Breath Awareness, Focus and Calm
  • Best for: 3+ (no more that 3/4 rounds of breathing for children ages 3 – 7, no more than 18 breath cycles in a day)

1) Introduce: Today we are practicing hot chocolate breaths. We are going to make our very own warm hot chocolates, then enjoy the lovely sweet chocolate smell and cool them down with our breath.

2) Role Play: Can you all imagine that you have your own mugs? Cup your hands and notice your hands pressed together. This is going to be your mug, what colour is your mug? Does it have a pattern or picture on it? Now it’s time to make our very own hot chocolates. Let pour the milk in. Then add the sugar and cocoa. Now lets give it a stir. Who wants squirty cream? Lastly lets add the marshmallows. How many shall we add? Three? Plop! Plop! Plop!

3) Breathe: Now let’s take a take in a big smell through our noses. Yummy! this smells amazing. Then let’s cool them down with our breath. A long, slow blow. Still not quite cool enough. Take another smell. Then another breath out, to cool them down. Can you try on last time by yourself? Brilliant, well done. They are just right!’

Hot Chocolate Breaths Printable

Hot Chocolate Breaths Printable

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