DIY Colour Walk Adventure Kit

Take your kids out on an adventure with their own DIY colour walk kit. By getting kids outside on a fun colour walk, it brings an opportunity for exploration and play. Kids of all ages will love making their own rainbow binoculars and colour kits, making an everyday walk into a real adventure!

Colour Walk Adventure

What is a Colour Walk?

A colour walk is like a treasure hunt and the colours are the treasures. Kids get to practice focusing their attention, looking for the colours whilst getting outside into nature. These colours are all around us, but how often do we not notice them as we busily rush by. This is what makes a colour walk a great mindfulness nature activity for children and adults.

Colour Walk Adventure Kit Craft for Kids

What you’ll need for your Colour Walk Adventure Kit

Colour Walk Kids Kit

DIY Rainbow Binoculars

These are really easy to make! Our rainbow binoculars are a very important part of our kit, they help us to focus in our attention. What do we notice when we zoom in? What are the details we can see? How does the landscape change when we don’t look through the binoculars?

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Rainbow Binoculars


  • 2 x Toilet Rolls
  • Washi Tape (You could paint or colour them in too)
  • Hole Punch
  • Twine
Rainbow Colour Walk with Kids

Here’s how we made our DIY rainbow binoculars:

Step 1 – We wrapped Washi tape around both our toilet rolls. Choose different colours and you can even make a rainbow effect if you want. If you don’t have Washi tape, you can colour or paint your binoculars. Being colourful is the name of the game.

Step 2 – We then wrapped a piece of Washi tape around both toilet rolls to secure them in place (you could use glue or any other tape you have).

Step 3 – Use a hole puncher and pop a hole on the outer side of each toilet role. Then attach some string, so that the binoculars can hang around your neck.

The binoculars are ready for your colour walk, next your colour chart necklace!

Color Walk Kit

Colour Chart Necklace

When you really start paying attention to colours you’ll notice that there are so many varieties. Taking a colour chart necklace with you on your colour walk means you’ll be able to identify lots of different shades of colours and even see what funny names they’ve been given by the paint company!


  • Paint swatches
  • Hole Punch
  • Lanyard or twine.

Step 1 – Collect some swatches from your local paint / DIY store.

Step 2 – Hole punch them and add some string to make a necklace (I actually think next time I will try a lanyard, so it is a bit easier to take on and off).

Color walk DIY kit for kids

Let the Colour Walk Adventure begin!

Now that you have your binoculars and your colour chart necklace, print off the colour treasure hunt worksheet, pop it on a clip board and you are ready to go. If you don’t have a colour treasure hunt sheet that’s ok, you can simply collect colorful items you find in a paper bag, take pictures or maybe draw them in a little notebook.

We headed to our local park and beach for our colour hunt. When we spotted a colour we coloured in the square of our worksheet, but you could draw a picture or write in the box. Our brain links colours with memories , so its lovely to be able to reflect back on your adventure, the colours you found and how they made you feel.

Maria Montessori Quote

Extending your Colour Walk Adventure with a Breathing Activity

When we take a mindful, deep breath we relax our bodies and ground ourselves in the present moment. Take the opportunity to practice a fun breathing exercise with your kids and savour the fun you are all having.

See my Instagram post below for more detail or check out my store for lots of fun breathing activities for kids.

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I hope you give the colour walk adventure a try and find a special moment of calm, connection and creativity with your kids too.

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