Happy Place Visualisation for Kids

The Happy Place visualisation for kids is a lovely relaxing and creative activity. In this mindful exercise, we will invite children to use their imaginations to visualise a place that makes them feel happy. They can use words and pictures to create thier place, whether its real or imaginary, just as long as they feel safe and calm.

Visualization for Kids

Everything you imagine, is real.

Pablo Picasso

What is Visualisation?

Visualisation uses the imagination and the 5 senses to imagine in our minds calming and positive things. Visualisation allows us to link mental images with feelings. It is a great way to get away from everything for a moment and take a mental break. Our body dosen’t know the difference between reality and the imagination. So if we imagine something calming and positive, the body will respond to this as if it was real and relax too.

How Can Visualisation Help Kids?

Visualisation can reduce stress in our body (lowering cortisol) and releases Serotonin which regulates happiness. Visualisation can help us to feel safe and secure, relieving anxiety and soothing the nervous system, it is a great technique for relaxation. Visualisation is great for kids, helping them to manage stress, sleep better and concentrate more.

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Activity: Happy Place Visualisation

Introducing the Happy Place visualisation for kids should be done in a safe, calm place where children feel comforatable. You can choose to simply read these instructions of use my printable worksheets which you can find here.


  1. Think about a place that makes you feel happy. It can be imaginary or real.
  2. Spend a few moments thinking about this place,
  3. First, what do you see?
  4. What do you hear?
  5. Whatcan you touch?
  6. What can you smell?
  7. What can you taste?
  8. Notice all the little details and write / draw down what you visualised. Come back to your happy place whenever you need to.
Happy Place Visualisation for Kids

Try out theses other fun creative visualisation ideas for kids and make relaxation crafty and fun!

The Happy Hand – I love this version, simply ask children to draw around their hands, then inside each finger write smell, see, hear, touch and taste. Then ask children to draw their happy, relaxing place in the palm space.

Build and Relax – Use building bricks (Lego) and ask children to create there happy place in blocks! Use little figures to explore this amazing new space.

Book Cover Calm – Ask children to design a book cover to their calm, happy place. If they like they could even write a story to go along with the cover.

Happy Place Map – This is a really fun one. Ask children to draw a map of their happy place. They can add different lands and spaces. Great for little pirates and adventurers!

You can find these visualisation printables here.

Childrens Mindful relflection and visualisation printables

I hope that you enjoy trying out these activities as much as we have, happy hugging! P.s If you want some great books on hugging to read with your kids, check out the Hugless Douglas books.

Take Care Emma x

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