5 Halloween Breathing Exercises

This is a list of 5 Halloween breathing exercises for kids. Halloween is a time full of scary frights and lots of excitement, it’s a great time to talk to our kids about how we can help calm our bodies down when we do feel scared or overwhelmed with big feelings.

How Can Breathing with Kids Help?

Teaching our kids how to take mindful, deep breaths is an easy and free coping skill which they can use whenever they need to manage stress, big feeling or calm their bodies down.

The research tells us the we are spending far too much time as adults in a ‘fight or flight’ state and not enough time in ‘rest and digest’. =Breathing is a physical way to signal to our bodies that it is time to relax and rest. Teaching children early on this easy method is an important life skill that lays the foundations for the teen years and early adulthood.

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Halloween Breathing printables for Kids

How to Practice Halloween Breathing Exercises with Kids

Pick a time when everyone is feeling calm and find a nice peaceful, cosy space to practice in. A calm corner or snuggling on the sofa with a blanket is a nice way to practice.

Use a pen and paper to draw the pictures for the breathing exercises, simply trace in the air or use our printable breathing cards. There is a free Pumpkin Breaths card you can access in the blog post here.

Now let’s get breathing! Here is our list of 5 Halloween breaths…

1. Witch Hat Breaths

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  1. You can draw a witches hat, use a real hat or use our printable card. This breathing activity goes great with number 5 {Broom Breaths}.
  2. Trace your witch hat up one side and breathe in, Pause at the point of the hat and then breathe out tracing down the other side.
  3. Then add in a witches cackle and stretch out like a witches cat!

2. Ghost Breaths

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  1. I love this one as I like to add in a ‘woooohhhooooooo’ ghostly sound.
  2. So either draw a ghost or use the printable.
  3. Trace one side of the ghost as your breathe in and then as your breathe out trace down the other side. Add your spoooky sound as you breathe our for extra Halloween fun!
  4. As you breathe out and use the ‘woohhoooo’ sound. Imagine any negetive energy or uncomfortable feelings leaving you. Then give yourself a ghostly shake!

3. Pumpkin Breaths

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  1. In this activity draw a pumpkin or even use a real one!
  2. Trace the pumpkin up one side with your finger and breathe in, then down the other side and breath out.
  3. You could also practice blowing out the candle inside the pumpkin.

4. Bat Breaths

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  1. You Can either draw a bat and trace it’s wings or simply use your arms in this breathing activity. My boy is Batman mad so he loves this one!
  2. If using the tracing method, breath in along one wing and out over the next wing.
  3. If using the arm menthod, then as children breath in they raise their arms and as they breath in they lower their arms. Can they notice how their arms felt?
  4. Why not put on the ‘Monster Mash’ and dance around like busy bats! How does the breath differ after all that movement?
Broom Breaths Halloween Activity

5. Broom Breaths

This is one of my son’s favourites, as we will often go and make a broom in the forest and practice using our breaths to whizz around!


  • Hop on your imaginary broom.
  • Take in a big breath.
  • Then as you breath out give a big whoosh!
  • Then fly away on your broom – You’ll find my broom breaths printable here.
  • This goes along lovely with the Julia Donaldson book, ‘Room on a Broom’.

I hope you have enjoyed my list of 5 Halloween breathing exercises for kids.

If you want to get your kids engaged then do take a peek at my ‘Book of Breaths’ eBook, it also comes with a set of matching printable flash cards. You can also buy the matching colouring pages to keep those little hands and minds focused.

These printable are great for parents, teachers, counsellors, therapists and yoga teachers who need some colourful, fun and easy to engage breathing activities for kids.

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Breathing activity eBook for kids

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