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Positive Self Portraits for Kids and Adults
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This process art activity is a great way for kids and adults to practice self care and create a ‘selfie’ portrait and using affirmations to practice positive self talk. We all encounter countless images in the media of others and insecurities about ourselves can grow, by developing a positive inner voice we can give ourselves and our children the courage to be our unique selves, be brave and explore new situations and keep persevering even when times get tough.

Create a Positive Selfie Portrait  - A process art activity for children, tweens and teens

My little boy and I loved doing this activity. What I really enjoyed is seeing him completely do his own thing and think outside the box, adding in extra pieces of paper to create a huge collage.

It was lovely to also pick an affirmation each and say them out loud, then trying out looking in the mirror and saying them to ourselves. It can feel strange to do this, but you have to get comfortable saying kind things to yourself. This would be a great activity to do with tweens and young people too, who are facing so much negative comparison on social media.

In this activity, you and your child can celebrate yourselves through art recognising your strengths and expressing how you are valued. This is so important for kids to see us doing as adults too!



Time needed: 1 hour

Create a Positive Self Portrait

  1. Practice Positive Affirmations Out Loud

    I like to do this before you start drawing as it sets the tone of the activity. Choose an affirmation with your child and practice saying them out loud. Read Using Affirmations with Kids.

  2. Draw a Self Portrait

    You’ll need a mirror (ideally one that is free standing), a piece of A4 paper and a marker pen. Spend some time looking in the mirror then draw a self portrait. Anything goes, this is not about getting it perfect.

  3. Practice Positive Affirmations in the Mirror

    Now it’s time to practice affirmations in the mirror. Hopefully drawing the portrait has mad you feel a bit more comfortable, so go ahead and say an affirmation outload and look at yourself in the mirror.

  4. Time to Collage

    Pop your portraits to one side and get the A3 larger piece of paper or card. Decorate your paper however you like. Simply add colour to create a fun and unique background that represents who you are!

  5. Add your Portrait

    Next cut out your portrait and glue it to your collage back ground.

  6. Add your Affirmations and Decorate

    This is where you can stick on or write your affirmations. You may choose one as a theme or like my son go for it! Then add stickers and whatever else. This is optional but it was nice to personalise with our names!

  7. Display with Pride

    Put your art work somewhere visible and admire. Practice those positive affirmations daily and grow that positive inner voice.

Positive Self Portrait Activity for all Ages

I hope you enjoy taking the time to create a positive selfie portrait, whether its with your kids or for yourself. Remember that you are AMAZING! Take care Emma x

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