26 Strengths Based Affirmations and Activities for Kids

If you are a parent or a teacher looking to teach strengths based affirmations for kids then you’ll find 26 easy affirmations and 21 activities and ideas right here. Great for younger and older kids, who can all find meaning in these affirmations by exploring their positive strengths.

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What Are Strengths Based Affirmations for Kids?

Strengths based affirmations for kids are simple positive statements that are based on kids strengths. Affirmations contain only positive words that are often written or spoken in the present tense. By kids repeating these positive strengths based affirmations they are training their brains to spot positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

How do Children’s Strengths Based Affirmations Work?

Your brain, body and mindset are influenced by the things that you say to yourselves. So to help offset our automatic negativity bias in the brain, kids can use strengths based affirmations to train their brains to focus on the positive.

These short positive phrases firstly help kids to identify their positive strengths. This makes the affirmations more meaningful as it’s something that they can recognise to be true in themselves. This awareness also means that they start to spot more opportunities to use their strengths and reflect on when they have used them. {Using Affirmations with Kids}

Kids can then practice learning to say kind and affirming things to themselves. Helping them to build their self esteem and boost their confidence. Strengths based positive affirmations remind children about all the ways that they matter and make a difference.

We love the Snoop Dogg Affirmation Song {Free Printable Affirmation List}

Getting Started with Affirmations as a Parent or Teacher

Start by affirming your children. Take the time to notice when they use their strengths and share these observations with them. Then ask your children which strengths affirmation card they would choose for themselves and get them to say them out loud and repeat them.

To make things even easier to engage kids in positive strengths based affirmations, I’ve created a colourful and fun printable affirmation card set. Which also includes a bonus of 26 A4 printable posters, 4 reflection cards and a guide with 22 activities and ideas on how to use the cards.

I originally made this set of hand illustrated affirmation cards for my son for us to use at home and we have loved using them. So I’m really excited to share them with you. If you are wanting to introduce strengths based affirmations at home or in the classroom, these cards and posters will be a great resource.

26 Strengths Based Affirmations and Activities for Kids

26 Strengths Based Affirmations

  1. I am Persistent
  2. I am Energetic
  3. I am Inspiring
  4. I an Loving
  5. I am Funny
  6. I am Hopeful
  7. I am Creative
  8. I am Forgiving
  9. I am Determined
  10. I am Smart
  11. I am Enthusiastic
  12. I am Honest
  13. I am Curious
  14. I am Brave
  15. I am Helpful
  16. I am Friendly
  17. I am Kind
  18. I am Caring
  19. I am Strong
  20. I am Playful
  21. I am Thankful
  22. I am Careful
  23. I am Fair
  24. I am Happy
  25. I am Talented
  26. I am Calm

21 Affirmation Activities and Ideas for Kids

1. Make a Strengths Affirmation Board

A strengths board is a great way for kids to explore their strengths affirmations in a creative way. Kids can create something that they can see and say, which is personal to them.

Use magazine pictures, photo’s, stickers and my printable affirmation cards and have fun creating an affirmation board with your kids. They could focus on one strength at a time or use all the strength cards to create an an awesome vision board.

Affirmation Vision board collage craft for kids

2. Pop a Card in their Lunch Box

Kids lunch boxes are a great place to pop an affirmation you want them to read. Simply, place an affirmation card in their lunch box and they will see it as soon as they open it. You can even write a personal note on the back for them.

The Affirmation Cards for Kids Bundle includes 26 affirmations, thus allowing you to send them a different card every school day for over an entire month!

3. Create an Affirmation Wall

A great way to display affirmations is by creating an affirmation wall. This would work great in a classroom or a calm space. A great visual reminder of your kids positive strengths.

4. Make an Affirmation Mirror Frame 

Cut out affirmation cards and make a frame around a mirror. Younger kids especially love this! You could also just pop one up a day on the mirror.

affirmation mirror craft for kids

5. Start an Affirmation Conversation

Pick out a card from the pack at dinner time and use them to start a conversation.

6. Write in a Journal

Older kids can use their affirmation cards in a journal. They could write the affirmation and then use the prompt cards to help them reflect on affirmation in more depth.

7. Make an Affirmation Scrapbook 

This is a lovely activity to do with kids of all ages. Similar to the strengths board idea, but it can be added to and kept as a keepsake. An especially nice way to collect special memories in one place.

affirmation scrapbook craft for kids

8. Make a Memory Game  

This simple and fun game will help reinforce memory (an important executive functioning skill) and also help reinforce positive affirmations. To play the memory game with kids affirmation cards, simply print out two sets of the cards and play as you would. A nice addition is that when kids match a pir they say their affirmation.

9. Use Cards as Affirmation Bookmarks

Use the affirmation cards as bookmarks. They can be laminated and decorated. The great thing is that kids will see them daily and be reminded of their affirmations with a visual prompt.

10. Play Affirmation Hopscotch

Use chalk to draw a hopscotch then add affirmations in the boxes. A great way to get kids moving and get them to practice their affirmations. Also other children may benefit if its somewhere everyone can play with.

13. Play Snap

Similar to the memory game, but this time print off 4 copies of the cards to create a pack. Instead of saying snap kids read out their affirmation. If you don’t have a card set you could create your own using cards and markers.

12. Go on an Affirmation Treasure Hunt

Give kids a set of cards, then hide another set. They need to find as many matching cards in their set.

13. Play Photo Match

Print off a set of pictures then got through them, matching them to affirmation cards. For example a picture of children playing together could match with the “I am friendly’, card.

affirmation game for kids

14. Make an Affirmation Postcard

Print off the cards on to card and then write postcards to friends and family. Sending snail mail is lots of fun and then they can chat about the affirmation once the postcard arrives.

15. Give a gift

Use the special labels included in the printable kit and make the cards into gifts to give to children in the classroom or as party favours. They make a great, inexpensive eco friendly gift or stocking filler.

16. Make a Party Bag

Make a party bag or gift bag for a special friend or to give to your child. Pop an affirmation card on the front and fill with something special.

affirmation card gift, party favour and party bag for kids

17. Read a Book

Find a book that has a theme of one the strengths based affirmations you have chosen. Read it together with your child and talk about the affirmation afterwards.

18. Watch a Movie

Find a movie that has a theme of one the strengths based affirmations you have chosen. Watch it together with your child and talk about the affirmation afterwards.

19 . Draw a Picture

Encourage kids to draw a picture related to an affirmation they have chosen. I also love these printable affirmation colouring sheets from Ink and Scribbles Kids on Etsy.

20. Make up a Story

Use one or more of the cards to create a fun story. A lovely way for kids to use their imaginations and practice their affirmations too.

21. Combine Affirmations with Mindful Breathing Activities

As well as our affirmation cards, I have also created a beautiful mindful breathing printable eBook for kids. Filled with 18 playful breathing activities and rhymes. It makes a beautiful addition to our affirmation card set.


Let’s build self esteem and self confidence in our kids.

Now more than ever our kids need as much encouragement and positive thinking as they can get. These activities are all created and used with my own little boy and we really love using them! I hope that you love trying out affirmations with your kids too. Take Care, Emma.

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