50 Gratitude Ideas for Kids + Free Printable

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Teaching gratitude to children is an important skills for their emotional development. Here are 50 gratitude ideas for kids and their adults practice gratitude.

By using these prompts to enourage children to express appreciation for the people and things they have in their lives, gratitude can help them to develop a positive outlook and improve well-being. You can find my free gratitude printables in my Free Resource Library

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gratitude ideas for kids

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How to Explain Gratitude to Kids

You can explain gratitude to kids at the the feeling of being thankful and appreciative for the things we have in our lives. It’s important for kids to understand the importance of gratitude and how it can help them to focus on the positive aspects of their life, and also help them to feel happier and more content.

The Thankful Owls

The Thankful Wise Owl’s from the Woodlands of Woo are great for teaching kids about gratitude and I created a cute printable gratitude journal that includes lots of gratitude activities and a 21 day challenge based on the 8 owls. Take a peek here.

50 gratitude Prompts for Kids

50 Gratitude Ideas for Kids

Find this list as a free printable, as well as a gratitude wordsearch and scavenger hunt in my Free Resource Library Here is the full list of 50 prompts for gratitude practice with kids:

  1. Someone that you love
  2. Someone who you call a friend
  3. Someone who has helped you
  4. Something that is special to you
  5. Something that makes you laugh
  6. Something that makes you feel calm
  7. Something that makes you feel loved
  8. Something that makes you feel excited
  9. Something that makes you feel brave
  10. Someone who has taught you something
  11. Someone who has been kind to you
  12. Someone who has made you laugh
  13. Somethings that tastes yummy
  14. Somethings that smells good
  15. Something that looks beautiful
  16. Unique things about you, that you appreciate
  17. Someone who inspires you
  18. Someone you are proud of
  19. Someone who is proud of you
  20. Something that is useful
  21. Something that makes you dance
  22. Something that makes you sing
  23. Someone who has talked to you
  24. Someone who has played with you
  25. Someone who has sat with you
  26. Something that you were given
  27. Something that you bought yourself
  28. Something that you are good at
  29. Somewhere peaceful
  30. Somewhere fun
  31. Somewhere special
  32. A favourite Holiday or event
  33. Something that you like about yourself
  34. Something you like about someone else
  35. Something you are skilled at
  36. Somewhere you’ve been on once
  37. Somewhere that go every week
  38. Somewhere you learn something
  39. Something that you like about your body
  40. Something that you like about your mind
  41. Something you appreciate about your life
  42. Something you have a lot of
  43. Something you like about summer
  44. Something you like about winter
  45. Something you like about spring
  46. Something you like about autumn
  47. Animals that you love
  48. Food that you like
  49. Games you love to play
  50. Your favourite movies
Teaching Gratitude to Kids

3 Creative and Fun Gratitude Activities to Play with your Gratitude Prompts

One fun way to teach kids about gratitude is through games. Here are some gratitude games that you can play with kids:

1 – Gratitude Jenga

Number all your Jenga blocks 1 – 54. Play Jenga as usual but when a block is selected, check the number on the gratitude ideas list and then answer the gratitude question. There are 54 blocks in Jenga so 51 – 54 can be the player choice.

2 – Gratitude Photo Scavenger Hunt

Use the Free Gratitude Prompts list of items for kids to use for ideas and challenge them to take pictures of things that they are grateful for. For example, they might take a picture of a flower or their favorite book.

This game encourages kids to appreciate the small things in their lives. After they could create a photo collage or gratitude scrapbook. I absoloutely love this Vtech camera, we gave it to our son when he was 3 and he still plays with it at 7.

3 – Gratitude Alphabet Game

Take turns naming something you are grateful for that starts with each letter of the alphabet. For example, “A is for apples, B is for books, C is for my cat”. This is a great game for the car!

I hope you find the ideas useful, prompts can be a great way to get the conversation flowing. These prompts would work really well at over family dinner or in the classroom.

The best way to teach kids about gratitude is by modeling it yourself. When you express gratitude for the things in your own life, your kids will see the positive impact it has on your mood and outlook. This will encourage them to develop their own sense of gratitude and appreciation.

With that in mind – Thank you very much for reading my blog, Take Care Emma x

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