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Taking a Bunny Breath is a fun, energizing breathing exercise for kids. The quick inhalation of oxygen can help kids by giving them a quick boost of energy and focus. Introducing the opportunity for them to also become aware of their sense of smell, is a fun way to add a mindful moment into their day.

You can also use this playful breathing activity to lead into some fun, bunny or Easter themed mindfulness activity. I’ve added some ideas at the end of the post.

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You can find the Bunny Breaths printable script here and it’s also featured in my Book of Breaths alongside 22 other fun breathing activities for kids!

Bunny Breaths Technique for Kids

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What is Bunny Breathing?

Bunny breathing, also known as rabbit breathing or bunny breath, is a fun and playful way to teach children how to control their breathing, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve their overall health and well-being. It’s a great breathing activity to use in Spring or over Easter, but to be honest who doesn’t love bunnies all year round!

What are the Benefits of Bunny Breathing for Kids?

One of the main benefits of bunny breathing is that it can help kids relax and calm down. When children are feeling anxious, scared, or upset, bunny breathing can be a useful tool to help them feel more grounded and centred.

Another benefit of bunny breathing is that it can help improve focus and concentration. By focusing on their breath, children can learn to tune out distractions and stay focused on the task at hand. This can be particularly helpful for kids who struggle with attention and focus, such as those with ADHD.

Breathing Activties

How to do Bunny Breathing?

Are you ready to take a Bunny Ball Breath? Lets do it!

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Step 1 – Introduce:

“We are going to try a fun activity called Bunny Breaths, we are going to use our noses to
take some little sniffs through our nose, just like a bunny”.

Step 2 – Spark the Imagination:

“Imagine that you are a curious bunny, you’ve woken up and you pop your head out of the
warren. It’s a beautiful summers morning, you look up to see a big vegetable patch, a
colourful flower bed and big woodland. There’s lots of different smells. You take a big bunny
breath and bravely head out on your adventure”.

Step 3 – Show:

“Before we try together, I’m going to show you how to take a Bunny Breath. Firstly (point to
your nose) I’ll take in three short sniffs through my nose.

Each one should reach further in to my belly (pop your hand on your stomach). Then I’ll blow out the air through my nose (point back to nose).

You can breaths out your mouth, whatever is more comfortable for you. Now let’s all have a go”.

Step 4 – Lead:

  1. Everybody get nice and comfortable. Imagine that you are a curious and brave bunny.
  2. Now give your nose a little twitch. Can you feel your nose?
  3. Let’s start and take three, little sniffs. in through your nose. 1, 2, 3.
  4. Let each one fill your belly a little more.
  5. Then slowly breathe out.
  6. Try that again. Breath in. Sniff, sniff, sniff and breathe out.
  7. Now relax your body like a floppy bunny. Shake your bunny shoulders, arms and legs.

Step 5 – Reflect

Ask children to say one word about how they feel, then encourage them to take a movement break and do some hopping like bunnies. You can then follow on will some of the creative activities below.

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3 Bunny / Easter Themed Extension Activities

1 – Make a Calm Bunny

Bunny crafts are a fun and easy way to get kids engaged in creative activities. These cute and cuddly creatures are perfect for children who love animals and enjoy working with their hands. Make a Calming Lavender Sock Bunny and kids can create something cute and cuddly to keep!

2 – Colour in a Cute Bunny

Bunny-themed colouring pages can be a calming activity that allow children to practice their colouring skills and express their creativity.

Print out my bunny colouring page or have the kids draw their own bunnies on paper. Provide a variety of colouring tools, I love these Crayola markers, and colouring pencils, and let the kids colour away.

3 – Create a Bunny Mask or Nature Bunny Crown

Creating a bunny involves cutting out a bunny shape from a paper plate or using a template, decorating it with markers and attaching string or elastic to the sides so it can be worn on the face. This would be fun for kids to wear whilst taking a bunny breath!

You can find the instructions on How to Make a Nature Bunny Crown here!

Bunny Breaths for kIds

I hope you enjoy trying out Bunny Breaths with your kids. Bunny breathing is such a fun and engaging way to promote mindfulness and self-awareness. By practicing this breathing exercise regularly, children can learn to become more aware of their thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Take Care Emma x

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