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This easy star leaf garland nature craft is such a cute DIY decoration. We made the garland to decorate our forest den and it was just a nice simple nature craft activity, perfect for little kids to join in and enjoy too.

Star Leaf Garland Nature Craft

With Autumn arriving here, we are loving getting out into nature and getting involved with the changing season. One of our favourite things to do is to go crunching through the leaves in the forest. Today I thought that it would be nice to kick back and enjoy the forest for a little longer, so we packed up a picnic, supplies and headed into the forest. Once we found the perfect spot we made a little den and set up shop. We had potion making supplies, a hot chocolate tea party, a canopy and even fairy lights, I think our den was definitely ‘Den-luxe’, our version of Glamping! {see my Instagram post for more pics}

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Once set up I thought it would be fun to make a cute star leaf garland out of the fairy lights, it wasn’t long until my son was very eagerly collecting leaves and having lots of fun stamping the star shapes in to them. The Autumn leaves were perfect for the project and they looked great hanging for our awesome den!

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Star Leaf Garland Autumn / Fall Craft Activity

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Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Craft Shape Punch (We got ours here)
  • Leaves (The in-between leaves are great, too crunchy and they will crumble!)
  • Something to hang them from. We used a string of battery operated fairy lights, but you could also you natural twine as an alternative.

This is how we made this Star Leaf Garland:

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Step. 1

Firstly we collected a pile of leaves, this wan a nice game to play as we needed to find just the right leaves for the job. Not too crunchy, not too soggy!

Then we set about using the craft punch to stamp star shapes into the leaves.

Craft Punch Leaves

Step. 2

As you can see the star shapes came out really well (and this was only a cheap craft punch). We collected up the little leaf star confetti in a little bag, as I have another craft idea for that and it could also just be a cool craft supply to have!

Leaf Nature Craft Activity

Step. 3

The final step was to add them to the fairy lights, you need ones that are twisted, so you can slot the the leaf stem in-between. (See below). You could also use twine for this step. I just poked the stem through and then bent the stem to create a little hook or if long enough tied it. If you wanted you could hold in place with little wooden pegs or washi tape.

Nature Leaf DIY decoration

Step. 4

Enjoy the sitting next to your garland, basking in its wonderfulness and maybe even throw a little confetti in the air if the fancy takes you!

I hope that you enjoy making this nature craft – I’d love to know how it goes and whether you are decorating a den, camp or party? Give us a tag on Instagram at Calm Ahoy Kids.

If you would like to try a calming breathing activity with your kids to go along with this craft, take a peek at our Leaf Breathing Kit.

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Take Care,

Emma 🙂

Leaf Breathing Activity

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