Easy Calm Jar Recipe {with no glitter or glue}

Make this easy calm jar recipe with just 2 ingredients, one being water and the other edible shimmer powder used for cake decorating. I love how simple this craft is, but how amazing the calm jars come out. The bonus is there is no plastic glitter or glue needed, so less mess and a little more calm. Whether you’ve tried a glitter jar or sensory bottle before, give this easy DIY a try and hopefully you and your kids will love it too!

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Easy Calm Jar Recipe only 2 ingredients  - no glitter or glue

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Why is a Calm Jar so Calming?

{Try my super easy, no fail playdough recipe too}

A calm jar (also known as a glitter jar, mind jar or sensory bottle), is a jar mixed with water and usually glue and glitter. The reason why using these jars is so calming is that when we focus our attention on the the slowly swirling glitter in the jar, we are anchoring ourselves in the present moment.

Calm jars are an easy and fun way to introduce children to practicing mindfulness {being in the present in the moment on purpose}.

Using the calm jar can be a tool to help give ourselves space and check in. To see how we are doing both physically and mentally. Something we may not notice when we are busy in our minds, thoughts and body. This is mindfulness skill can help us to learn to respond to triggers rather than to react to them.

So teaching children to regularly pause (and us adults too!) through using the calm jar, is a lovely way to practice a healthy coping strategy that can help us self regulate and enjoy some well needed downtime.

Easiest Ever shimmer calm Jar

What supplies you will need:

  • Glass jar or plastic bottle
  • Warm boiled water (I used one cup of water to a 1/4 tsp of shimmer powder).
  • Shimmer Powder
  • Some time for you and your kids to relax!

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Make a No Glitter Shimmer Calm Jar

  1. Gather your supplies

    Gather your jar, cup of warm water and quarter teaspoon of shimmer power.

  2. Shake it up!

    Add the ingredients, tighten the lid (glue if you are worried about lid coming off) and shake.

  3. Watch the shimmer settle.

    These jars do take longer than your average calm jar to settle, but they will. I tend to also get the kids to focus on the swirls and describe them as our busy thoughts whizzing around.

How to Use a Calm Jar with Kids

The calm jar is a lovely activity to share with your child, the best way to introduce the activity is to model using it with your child. Its best to practice using it when you are both feeling relaxed and connected, maybe after you’ve read a story or before bedtime.

Also try having a couple of jars in different colours dotted around the house in different rooms, so there are lots of opportunities to try them out.

More Calming Activities To Help Kids Relax

Invite children to shake the jar and watch the shimmery glitter swirl around. What colours and shapes do they see? Get them to notice the feel of the jar in their hands. Using their senses to feel calm and grounded. Once kids get used to using the calm jar, you could then also introduce a check in. Ask children to start to notice how they feel afterwards. What feelings do they notice? How do their bodies feel?

Seasonal & Holiday Themed Calm Jars

Have fun with these calm jars and create jars that match holidays and seasons. We had lots of fun at Christmas making a snowman, Santa and reindeer jars, see my Instagram post below.

Calming Activities for Kids

Add you jar to a calm kit. Kids may find the jar a helpful calming strategy, but its good for them to try and have lots of tools in their kit for different feelings and situations. Check out our free resource library and access our free feelings cards and breathing activities.

I hope that you enjoy this fun, calming activity. Check out my store for some fun, children’s breathing activities.

Take Care Emma 🙂

Breathing Activities for Kids

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