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Flower breaths help kids bloom! This beautiful breathing exercise encourages children to learn that just like a flower that they are unique and will bloom in their own time. Children will use their imaginations to find a colourful, scented flower and use their breath to take in the sweet smell and gently blow the petals. A lovely, relaxing activity for children to try deep breathing in a playful way.

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What are Flower Breaths

Flower breaths are a relaxing, nature based mindful breathing activity for kids. In this breathing activity we will use the imagination and the breath to relax the body and the mind. This healthy coping skill will give kids the opportunity to also think about the uniqueness of each flower and how they can relate this to their own unique selves.

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How to take a Flower Breath

  • Share the poster from our Flower Breaths activity kit as a visual prompt. Buy Here.
  • Read and share with children the Flower Breaths rhyme: Stop and Smell the flowers. Each one a new surprise. A little joy for our noses and a little gift for our eyes

Flower Breaths Instructions

Step 1. Introduce Flower Breaths

‘We are going to practice a breathing activity called Flower Breaths. We will be using our imaginations to find a beautiful flower. What flowers do you know?’

Step 2. Relax and spark the imagination

Ask children to imagine that they are sat in a magical meadow. “As you are sat in this magical meadow, you spot something in the grass. Slowly a flowers starts to emerge from the ground. You feel very calm and happy as you watch this gentle flower appear. What colour is your flower? What shape is it? What will it smell of? You can imagine anything you like, each flower is unique just like you.”

Step 4. Notice and take a mindful moment

Now ask children to notice how their bodies feel. Can they notice their the floor beneath them? Ask them to finally lean over and pick the flower gently and slowly.’

Step 5. Breathe

“Now that you have the flower in your hands, its time to practice our flower breaths. Let’s take a big breath in and take in the sweet smell of this flower. Then as we breathe out very gently blow the delicate petals”. “Next let’s try again and this time we will blow the petals with a bigger breath and watch them float away.

Step 6. Reflect and Play

When we share, it’s an opportunity for us to connect and feel listened to. Encourage children to share their experiences and model by sharing yours too. Remember to let them know there’s no wrong answers. Here’s a list of ideas for questions you could talk about:

  • What did your flower look like? Children could draw their flowers on the ‘My Magical Flower‘ handout provided.
  • What did it feel like to blow the petals? First gently and then with a big breath?
  • What did your flower smell like?
  • Tell me what makes you unique?

A fun, mindful movement game to play at the end of this exercise is called Seeds and Flowers.

Choose one child as the “gardener”. Ask all of the other children to curl down into seeds (small balls on the floor). Once they’re down, they have to try and not move until the gardener says “time for tea“. Then they can slowly start to grow. When the Gardener says, “time for watering“. Everyone must be still. The Gardener must water anyone who’s moving and then they are out. The last flower standing is the winner.

The posters, script, colouring activity and craft are all available in our Flower Breaths Kit.

Mindful Breathing for Kids
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Explore and Play

Try out some fun activities to extend the lesson around Flower Breaths. Stories, songs, arts and crafts are all a great ways to explore this breathing activity and give kids a chance to take a flower breath.

I hope you enjoy taking a Flower Breath whether it’s for you as an adult or with your children or students! Take Care, Emma x

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