Lion Breaths for Kids

Lion breaths for kids is a mighty breathing exercise that encourages children to release whatever they need to. Whether this is energy, feelings or thoughts. Children will imagine that they are mighty lions and use their roaring breath to relax their bodies and minds. This breathing activity can help children to use their breath in a fun way to physically release negative thoughts and feelings.

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Lion Breaths for Kids

What are Lion Breaths

Lion breaths is a mindful breathing activity, that will help kids to notice any energy, thoughts or feelings that they would like to release. They will then practice roaring like a mighty lion to manage these thoughts and feelings and in a playful, peaceful way.

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How to take a Lion Breath

  • Share poster from our Lion Breaths activity kit as a visual prompt. Buy Here.
  • Share with children the Lion breaths rhyme: Never ignore your inner roar. Let it be heard let in soar.

Lion Breaths Instructions

Step 1. Introduce Lion Breaths

‘Today we are practicing Lion Breaths. We are going to notice any energy, thoughts or feelings in our bodies and minds and release them in a fun way, so we can feel calm and peaceful.’

Step 2. Relax

Ask children to imagine that they are mighty, brave lions. ‘You are all relaxing on a big rock, feeling calm and floppy. The sun is shining down, warming your bodies, you feel it warm your legs, tummies and heads. You feel so happy and safe.’

Step 4. Notice

Now ask children to notice any physical sensations, feelings or thoughts.

‘No you are feeling so relaxed notice anywhere that you might feel tense in your body or if you have any feelings or thought that you would like to get rid of. It’s of if you don’t.’

Step 5. Breathe

Now ask children to breathe in slowly and with a mighty ‘Roar’ stick out their tongues and breathe out. They can also pose like a lion, on their knees with their hands in front. Demonstrate beforehand if new and try 2 – 3 times.

Step 6. Reflect and Play

‘Well done you’ve been amazing lions, now how do you feel? What did you like about being a lion?’

A fun game to play at the end is Sleeping Lions. Choose one child as the “keeper.” Ask all of the other children lie down on the floor in sleeping positions. Once they’re down, they have to try and not move. The “keeper” walks through the room and notices if any sleeping lions move. The “keeper” can not touch the lions. Once a lion moves, they’re tapped and need to get up and join the keepers. The last child still on the floor wins!

The posters, script, colouring activity and craft are all available in our Lion Breaths Kit.

Mindful Breathing for Kids
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Explore and Play

Try out some fun activities to extend the lesson around Lion Breaths. Stories, songs, arts and crafts are all a great ways to explore the topic.

I hope you enjoy taking a Lion breath whether it’s for you as an adult, with your children or students! Emma x

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