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Making a relaxing galaxy jar is a fun and calming creative activity to do with kids, a great colourful alternative to a glitter jar. We have really enjoyed making glitter jars in the past, so decided to give this activity a whirl. It reminded us of layering up a trifle and was nice to have the Galaxy to use afterwards in our calm corner.

Relaxing Calm Galaxy Jar Craft

What is a Relaxing Galaxy Jar?

Galaxy jars are a popular sensory craft for children because they are visually stunning and calming to watch. The jars are made by mixing water, glitter, and food coloring together in a clear jar, creating a mesmerizing effect as the glitter swirls and sparkles in the water.

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How is Making a Galaxy Jar Relaxing for Kids?

The relaxing effect of galaxy jars comes from the way they engage the senses. Watching the swirling glitter can be a form of visual meditation, allowing children to focus their attention and block out distractions. The gentle sound of the liquid moving around the jar can also be soothing, while the smooth texture and coolness of the jar provides a tactile experience.

Being creative on it’s own can be very meditative and calming. When kids are focused on a creative task, they are able to be in the present moment. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s what you will need:

What you need to make a Galaxy Jar

Supplies to make an Relaxing Galaxy Jar for Kids

  • Water
  • Paint or Food Colouring
  • Brushes
  • Glitter and Foil Stars
  • Cotton Balls
  • Bowls / Jug / Spoons
  • Jar

How to Make a Relaxing Galaxy Jar:

Galaxy Jar

Step 1:

Gather the materials: You will need a clear jar with a lid (we used a plastic one similare to this to avoid glass smashing accidents), cotton balls, water, paint (we used these watercolours) or food colouring (we went for purple, orange, pink, and green – I love this brand), glitter (we used bio glitter like this one), a jug, bowls and a spoon.

Then add your cotton wool balls to bowls and put the water in the jug.

Making a Galaxy Jar

Step 2:

Soak your cotton wool balls in the paint or food colouring mixed with water. Make the colour nice and strong and the cotton balls not too soggy.

Galaxy Jar with Kids

Step 3:

Next its time to assembe your galaxy trifle, addinging in layers of colours with glitter and stars. Creating a beautiful multi coloured, sparkly galaxy.

We finished by topping with some water and screwing the far lid on. Finally you can sit back, admire your jar and do a little star gazing! If you want to add a fun breathing activity, try my Rocket Breaths printable kit.

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Relaxaing Galaxy Jar Craft for Kids

I hop you enjoy trying this activity out, it was a fun, messy, sensory mix and definetly enjoyed by us both. Take Care Emma x

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