Calming Activities To Help Kids Relax

happy kids throwing foliage in park

Below is a list of some of our favourite calming activities to help kids to relax. These activities promote emotional well-being and empower children with essential coping skills to face challenges with resilience.

Learning to relax to is harder than it sounds and even as adults we struggle, so the earlier we get practicing the better. Take a peek at the ideas below for some inspiration and get involved in the relaxing too!

happy kids throwing foliage in park
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Breathing Activities

Mindful breathing techniques offer a quick path to relaxation for kids, empowering them with a healthy coping skills they can use anywhere. These simple yet effective activities are talking your bodies language, I explain that when we breathe slowly we send a direct message to our bodies that its time to relax. Check out my easy to use printable Book of Breaths.

  • Belly Breaths: Placing hands on the belly, kids learn to breathe deeply, feeling it rise and fall. This technique soothes and calms the mind. Use a teddy and place it on your childs belly, so they can see the rise and fall of their breath.
  • Balloon Breaths: Imagining their lungs as balloons, children inhale slowly through the nose, inflating the “balloons,” and exhale through the mouth, deflating them. It sparks creativity and relieves tension. Get a free printable for this activity here Balloon Breaths – Mindful Breathing Exercise for Children.
  • 5-4-3-2-1 Breaths: Inhaling for five counts, holding for four, exhaling for three, holding for two, and repeating. This exercise enhances focus and reduces stress. this is great for older children and great for managing exam stress.

With these mindful breathing techniques, kids gain a valuable toolbox to navigate their emotions. By fostering relaxation from an early age, they’ll be better equipped to handle life’s challenges with ease and tranquility. 23 Playful Breathing Activities for Kids

Art and Creativity

Art and creativity hold the magical key to unlock relaxation for kids, offering a world where they can unwind and explore their inner selves:

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  • Drawing and Coloring: Armed with crayons and paper, kids venture into a realm of imagination, creating colorful wonders that bring a sense of calm. I absolutely love the Draw with Rob YouTube videos and drawing books!
  • Painting: With brushes and paints in hand, young artists find relaxation in strokes and colours, expressing their emotions and finding peace on the canvas. Try these 3 Calming Blow Paint Art Ideas for an added bit of fun!
  • Collage Making: Assembling various materials, children weave stories of dreams and thoughts, soothing their minds with each thoughtful creation. My son really enjoys this activity, just plenty of images, glue, stickers and tape and he sat for over an hour concentrating on his creation.
Calming Activities to Hep kids Relax - Pokemon Collage creative time

Art and creativity are great for kids as they can express themselves freely and embrace the unique magic they hold within. You may find that it can also be challenging and feelings of frustration and impatience

Connecting with Nature

Calming Activities to Help Kids Relax

Amidst the busy world, nature is a place for children to relax. Whether its the forest, beach or garden my son always feels so calm after he has been outside. As I say, “if in doubt, get out!”. When feelings are tricky or moods come along, off we head outside for some relief.

  • Outdoor Exploration: In nature’s embrace, kids discover a serene escape, be it a leisurely park stroll or a thrilling forest adventure, grounding themselves in the present moment. DIY Colour Walk Adventure Kit
  • Take a Wonder Wander: Listening to rustling leaves, birds’ melodies, and babbling streams, kids find harmony in nature’s soothing sounds, calming their minds and souls.
  • Nature Artistry: Utilizing leaves, flowers, and pebbles, children craft art that celebrates the natural world, immersing in creative flow and finding peace.

Guided Imagery and Storytelling

Guided imagery and visualization offer a serene escape for kids, fostering relaxation and emotional well-being. We use visualisation at bedtime as part of our nightime routine, it can be great for promoting sleep!!

  • Visualization Techniques: Kids create vivid mental images through visualization, cultivating a sense of calm and inner peace. We love making vision boards, finding fun pictures from magazines.

In guided imagery and visualization, kids discover a world of tranquility, empowering them to cope with challenges and embrace moments of relaxation with open hearts and imaginative minds. Find my relaxation stories Gloopus the Snail and Molly the Unicorn on Insight Timer

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Relax Kids Calming Activities for Kids

Aromatherapy for Kids

The smell of lavender still brings back childhood memories for me of playing in the garden in the hot summer sun. The soothing world of aromatherapy can help children to relax and also associate with calm, happy feelings too.

  • Calming Scents: Introduce kids to safe and child-friendly essential oils like lavender and chamomile, known for their calming properties. We use a ‘sleepy’ spray every evening as part of our bedtime routine.
  • Sensory Experience: Try making a scented playdough using my Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe. We’ve tried Lavender, orange and even chocolate scented playdough!
  • Stress Relief: Teach them to use calming scents during stress or anxiety, providing a comforting anchor. Try using scented pens as a fun alternative, I love these Crayola Silly Scent ones! A great want to combine creativity and the senses.

Family Relaxation Time

Relaxing together as a family is a great way to model healthy ways to take care of yourself and and create family traditions. Whether it a Mindful Moments, a Nature Escape, Cuddles and Storytelling or a Creative Connection, making the time to relax is essential.

I hope you like these calming activities to help kids relax. I’d love to hear about your family relaxation ideas 🙂 Take care Emma x

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