Soothing Snowflake Breaths

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Help kids stay cool with this fun, winter themed snowflake breathing exercise for kids. Snowflake breaths is a mindful breathing activity that encourages children to practice focusing using their senses. This activity is also helpful as children get to explore using imagery as a way to relax their bodies and minds.

winter snowflake breathing exercise
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How to practice the Snow Breaths breathing exercise with kids:

Choose a nice calm moment to practice this breathing activity with children. You could start by reading a winter themed story or doing a simple craft.

We love making paper snowflakes, make mini ones and use them as props to practice snow flake breaths with. The pure, simple joy of unfolding a snowflake as it reveals its pattern is beautiful. Good old Martha shares a tutorial here.

It’s also lovely to talk about how each snowflake is unique, just like us and that’s something pretty special. You could try writing the unique things about each other on your snowflakes.

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How to take a Snowflake Breath:

This breathing activity, starts with an Imagery activity. Most children will not find it too difficult to use their imaginations to picture a snowy day. As you guide children, they will begin to relax and focus on the pictures they are creating in their minds.

  1. Ask them to imagine a snowy day. What do they see? smell? feel? taste? and hear?
  2. Then invite children to imagine scooping up a handful of snowflakes. As they breathe in, they can purse their lips and notice the cool air and then as they breathe out they can imagine blowing the snowflakes off their hands.
  3. Ask children to reflect on what they noticed. Did they feel any change in temperature when they took a breath in?

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winter snowflake mindfulness activity for kids

I hope that you enjoy trying out this breathing activity with your kids. Definitely try out the paper snowflakes too! Take care Emma x

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