Take a Pirate Breath and Feel Arrrrrmazing!

Pirate Breaths Activity

Why are pirates so calm in a storm? Because they ARRRRgghhh. We are going to take a pirate breath and feel arrrrmazing. We will use our special pirate sigh to relax our bodies and minds. Pirates may look like a fearless bunch, but just like anybody else they can feel scared, worried and sad sometimes.

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Like when there is a big storm the ship needs to be sailed to safety they may feel scared or when they bury their treasure, they might worry that someone will find it or if they follow the treasure map and there is no treasure then they may feel a sad. But pirates have a secret pirate skill to help them, the pirate breath.

Take a Pirate Breath and Feel Arrrrmazing!

What are Pirate Breaths?

Pirate Breathing aka falling out breath is a great way to release physical tension in your body. We will practice taking in a big inhale and release our breath with a ‘pirate’ sigh. This sigh signals to the body that you are safe and you can relax. If we start to relax the nervous system and release tension in the body, we find a positive relaxing effect in the mind as well.

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How to Take a Pirate Breath

Take a Pirate Breath and Feel Arrrrrmazing!

Ready to start? Heres how to do Pirate Breathing.

Step 1: Spark the Imagination

Engage children’s imaginations and start with a short introduction:

“Lets imagine that we are on our own pirate ship, there’s a big storm coming and the waves are huge. We can’t change the weather but we can control how we react, so we take a big breath and it helps us to make the right decision about what to do next.”

Step 2: Show:

Next, demonstrate how to do Pirate Breaths and then explain you will practice together.
1) Take in a big breath and imagine you are digging deep down into your belly for treasure with your breath.
2) As you exhale, let out a big, ‘AaaARrRrRGGgGGhhhh’

Step 3: Lead

Now it’s tome to try the breathing activity together.

“Now it’s your turn to give it a try. Everyone get comfortable and give your shoulders a roll, make sure you feel stable like a brave pirate. Breathe in, right down to your belly, find the treasure in your belly and then breathe out with a big loud ‘aaarrgghh’. Great, you make amazing pirates, lets try that again.”

Step 4: Closure

Invite children to describe how they feel afterwards? Ask them how it felt to be a calm, brave pirate? Did they feel the breath in their bellies?

It’s a Pirate’s Life!

Most kids at some point are mad about pirates, so this is a great activity to weave into their favourite books and films. Why not make make a pirate hat and eye patch too and get into character! Check out my other breathing activities such as Pizza Breaths andBubble Breaths and explore more fun breathing techniques for kids.

I hope you enjoy sharing the Pirate breaths activity with your children at home or in the classroom it’s a really fun breathing activity to try. Take care Emma x

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