Sunny Morning Affirmations for Kids

These sunny morning affirmations for kids are great way to support your child to Rise and Shine! By Starting the day with affirmations children can practice a positive mindset. As a parent we all know how better life is when we have a good morning! Positive affirmations are one way to give our kids a boost in confidence and set the tone for the day.

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In this blog post I’ve written a list of morning affirmations for kids plus there are ideas on how use morning affirmations, set up a morning affirmation station and a FREE printable activity.

These morning affirmation activities can be supported with my co-ordinating YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE affirmation posters, cards printable kit, Morning Sunshine Breathing and the Sunshine Affirmation Paper Plate Craft.

Sunny Morning Affirmation Station and Printable Kit for Kids

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What are Morning Affirmations for Kids?

Morning affirmations are a great way to start the day for kids. They can help children feel more confident, calm, and positive about themselves and their abilities and they begin a new day.

These morning affirmations are positive statements that encourage children to think and speak positively about themselves and the day ahead of them.

I have also included some growth mindset affirmations as I know these are really important for my own son as navigates school and his community groups.

Why are These Affirmations Sunny?

Every evening I sing the ‘You are my Sunshine’ song to my son, and I have since he was a baby. We love the song and it started a conversation about how we can be our own sunshine’s.

This is how we can up with our first Sunny Morning Affirmation, “I am My Own Sunshine!”. From there I’ve created a whole list of affirmations, printable resources and activities to go alongside these playful children’s affirmations.

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3 Ideas of How to Use Sunny Morning Affirmations for Kids:

  1. Repeat affirmations every morning: Encourage your child to repeat affirmations every morning. They can just pick one and focus on that or maybe a few that they like, but get into the habit of using daily.
  2. Make Affirmations Fun: You can practice them in the mirror, whilst you are skipping to school (this is a fave!), play an affirmation game, make an affirmation jar or make an affirmation station. Check out some of my fun affirmation ideas below. How about Alphabet Animal Affirmations?
  3. Use affirmations to address specific issues: If your child is struggling with a particular issue, such as friendships, exams, going back to school or new groups. Then pick a card that they feel relates to that and use it through out the day.

You’ll LOVE! Snoop Dogg Affirmation Song {Free Printable Affirmation List}

25 Morning Affirmations fo Kids

Poster available in My printable Kit

25 Morning Affirmations for Kids

Using these Sunny affirmations with kids is a great way to help them Rise and Shine. So let’s get using them!

  1. I am my own sunshine.
  2. I am smart and capable of learning anything.
  3. Today is a new day full of opportunities.
  4. I am kind and caring towards others.
  5. I am strong and can handle challenges.
  6. I am confident and do my best.
  7. I am loved and valued.
  8. I am brave and can do hard things.
  9. I am responsible and make good choices.
  10. I am grateful for all the good things in my life.
  11. I believe in myself and my abilities.
  12. Mistakes help me learn and grow.
  13. I am excited to try new things.
  14. I am capable and determined.
  15. I am healthy and full of energy.

Afterwards try Shining Bright with Star Breathing

Suny Sunshine Morning Affirmation Craft and Breathing Activity

Create a Sunny Morning Affirmation Station

Creating an affirmation station for kids is a wonderful way to promote positivity and self-confidence. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Choose a location: Select a spot in your home or classroom where kids will see the affirmation station often. A wall, a mirror, or a bulletin board are all great options.
  2. Gather materials: You will need some colourful paper or index cards, markers, stickers, and/or any other decorative items you like. You can use the Sunny Morning Affirmation kit to get started!
  3. Create affirmations: Encourage kids to come up with their own positive affirmations or mantras. These can be simple statements like, “I am brave,” “I am kind,” or “I am loved.” Use the free Sunshine Affirmation printable below.
  4. Display the affirmations: Hang the affirmations on the wall or bulletin board, or attach them to the mirror using removable tape or sticky notes. Encourage kids to read and recite the affirmations every day.
  5. Update the station regularly: Change out the affirmations every week or so to keep things fresh and interesting. You can also add new decorations or inspirational quotes to keep the station engaging and fun.

An affirmation station is a great way to promote positive self-talk and boost kids’ confidence. By encouraging them to focus on their strengths and abilities, you can help them build a strong sense of self-worth and resilience.

Free Affirmation Sunshine Colouring Activity:

Use the free printable Affirmation Sunshine activity below to help children to come up with their own affirmations.

Print of the PDF, gather some colouring pencils and ask children to write down their qualities and strengths in the sun rays and colour in their sunshine’s!

Free Affirmation Sunshine Printable

Sunshine Watercolour Art Activity

We decided that we would paint a watercolour sunshine (this is a great activity for older kids).

Check out our watercolour sunshine project here on Instagram! We used washi tape and water colours (these OOLY watercolours are my absolute fave!) to create a beautiful sun inspired painting.

Later we added affirmations to the sun rays, you could use the printable above first as a design sheet. Then get children to create there own sunshine’s with whatever materials you have available. This would work great as a collage activity too.

Watercolour Sunshine Kids Painting Activity

Rise and Shine!

Remember, using affirmations with kids is all about promoting positivity and building self-confidence. You can help your child start the day in a positive way and practice a healthy mindset that can help them throughout their day.

I am my Own Sunshine! Take Care, Emma x

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