Alphabet Animal Affirmations for Kids

These Alphabet Animal Affirmations for kids are a really fun and playful way to practice affirmations with children. I’ve also included a free printable affirmation activity PDF so children can design their own animal affirmations!

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This alphabet animal affirmation list can be supported with my co-ordinating poster and colouring book available here.

Alphabet Animal Affirmations for kids.

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What are Alphabet Animal Affirmations for Kids?

Animal affirmations for kids are positive statements or phrases that encourage children to think and speak positively about themselves and the world around them.

Animal affirmations can help children build their self-confidence, develop positive self-talk, and foster a love and appreciation for animals. They can be used as a daily practice or as a tool to help children overcome specific challenges.

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How to Use my List of 24 Alphabet Animal Affirmations for Kids:

  1. Repeat them often: Encourage your child to repeat affirmations often. You can make it a habit to say affirmations together every morning or before bed. Using an affirmation book at bedtime is a great way to incorporate affirmations into your routine.
  2. Encourage self-reflection: Help your child reflect on how the affirmations make them feel and how they can apply them to their daily life. I love using these 52 reasons why I am great cards as a tool to support reflection.
  3. Use affirmations to address specific issues: If your child is struggling with a particular issue, such as anxiety or low self-esteem, use affirmations to address these issues specifically.

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Animal Affirmations List for Kids Free printable

Poster available in My printable Kit

Using affirmations with kids is a great way to help them develop a positive and confident outlook on life. So let’s get using them! Remember to start your sentence, I am as………..

  1. Adventurous as an Alligator
  2. Brave as a Bear
  3. Caring as a Cat
  4. Determined as a Dog
  5. Enthusiastic as an Elephant
  6. Friendly as a Flamingo
  7. Generous as a giraffe
  8. Honest as a Horse
  9. Imaginative as an Iguana
  10. Joyful as a Jellyfish
  11. Kind as a Kangaroo
  12. Loved as a Lion
  13. Mindful as a Monkey
  14. Nice as a Narwhal
  15. Optimistic as an Owl
  16. Proud as a Pig
  17. Quirky as a Quail
  18. Respectful as a Rabbit
  19. Spirited as a Snake
  20. Thoughtful as a Toucan
  21. Unique as an Urchin Hedgehog
  22. Valued as a Vampire Bat
  23. Worthy as a Whale
  24. EXceptional as an X-ray Fish
  25. Youthful as a Yak
  26. Zen as a Zebra

Afterwards try Shining Bright with Star Breathing

Creative Alphabet Animal Activities plus Free Printable

After you have practiced using one of the Animal Affirmations with your child try following on with the creative worksheet below and get them to think of their own animal affirmation.

Encourage them to draw an animal and think of a positive quality that would like to associate with it! I would love to see any creations – Please tag me on Instagram.

Alphabet Animal Affirmations for kids are a really fun and playful way to practice affirmations with children. Printable colouring  book and Poster

Remember, using affirmations with kids is all about promoting positivity and building self-confidence. With this fun list and printables, you can help your child develop a positive and healthy mindset that will serve them well throughout their life.

I am as Sleepy as a Sloth! Take Care, Emma x

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