Fuzzy Feelings Emotion Cards with Free Printable

No matter what age we are, the ability to understand emotions and talk about how we are doing can help us to connect with others, tackle challenges and build our resilience long term. That’s why I created The Feelings Hotel book and Fuzzy Feelings emotion cards for my son because learning about and normalising all our emotions is so important for our well being. If we can notice different feelings as they come up, we have a better chance of working through them.

Fuzzy Feelings Emotion Cards  - free Printable Feelings cards

There are so many ways to use these Fuzzy Feeling emotion cards with children, at home and school. Use them in their very own calm corner or add them to a calm kit. You can download the free printable cards below in four languages and keep posted as I update with new Fuzzy Feelings emotion cards.

Fuzzy Feeling Emotion Cards – Free Downloads

These feelings cards are for helping to notice and learn about different feelings, they are not about changing your feelings – feel what you want to feel. These cards are about getting to know your feelings and deciding what you want to do next with them.

Fuzzy Feeling Emotion Cards – Activity Ideas

  • Use your cards alongside the accompanying Feelings Hotel book, printable PDF or watch me reading the story below.
  • Guess the feeling by drawing it, check out our drawing feelings post. Pick a card and then you draw it and see if everyone guesses correctly.
  • Feelings Charades – pick a card, then act out the feeling without using any words or sounds and see if people can guess what it is.
  • Describe it – Describe the feeling with out using the feeling name.
  • Feelings Body – Draw an outline of a body, try getting someone to trace your whole body. Pick out some feelings then draw where you feel them in your body and then turn your body into a piece of art and decorate.
  • Story time – Pick a few cards and use your imagination to make up a story. Why? Where? How? What happens in youor feelings story.
  • Use you cards with our Fuzzy Feelings Poster Version and create a calm corner or feelings book.

The Fuzzy Feeling characters are a cute and fun visual tool to remind us to be mindful that all sorts of feelings visit and that all feelings are ok, use them as a tool to check in and create a shared language and create a habit of regularly talking about our feelings.

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