My Many Coloured Days Playdough Feelings Activity

This ‘My Many Coloured Days’ Playdough Feelings Activity is a fun, playful way to explore emotions with kids. Combining story time, emotional literacy and sensory play, kids will be engaged throughout this calming activity.

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How to Prepare for The Many Coloured Days Playdough Feelings Activity

You’ll Need:


  1. Either make your playdough in advance or buy some playdough in 4-8 colours.
  2. Read the ‘My Many Coloured Days‘ book by Dr Suess. Talk about how our feelings are always changing and in a day we can often experience many different feelings. Invite your little one to talk about any feelings they have had today and their favourite page in the book.
  3. Then look at the different coloured playdough and give each one a feeling name. eg red = happy, yellow = sad. It can be anything they choose. You can use my free Fuzzy Feelings Emotion Cards to support this conversation.
  4. Talk about a time they have experienced the different feeling they have identified. Then make body shapes using the cookie cutters or they could make their own bodies free style.
  5. Then start to mix in all the feelings to create what its like for a person on a normal day. This is a great way for kids to visualise feelings and how they experience them.

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