25 Calming Crafts for Kids

I’ve put together a list of my favourite calming crafts for kids. Being creative can help kids to relax, increase their self esteem and help them feel more confident. Arts and crafts are not only really fun but a great way to manage the effects of stress. A positive coping skill that can start in childhood and continue into our adult lives.

    Our list of calming crafts for kids are fun projects that include both creativity and wellbeing skills, like mindfulness, movement, relaxation and kindness.

    Lets get Crafting!

    1) Create a Calming Straw Maze

    This activity was so much fun. A lovely combination of squishy sensory dough, imaginative play with the farm animals, attention and focus on the construction of the maze and using the straw and pom poms to practice some fun, relaxing breaths.

    Straw Maze Craft and Game for Kids

    2) Launch a Firework Rocket Straw

    Although I’ve classed this as a mindful breathing activity there was lots of movement involved too. We headed outside to the garden with our firework rocket straws and had a lot of fun seeing how high we could get them to fly and the difference when we used a big breath versus a small gentle breath. A very simple paper craft for kids.

    Want more details on this activity? Read Firework Rocket Straws: Breathing Activity Craft for Kids

    3) Blow out a Birthday Cake Candle

    I loved the simplicity of this craft, which led to lots of fun role play. These paper straw candles make a cute craft by themselves, but add them to a playdough cake and you have a whole heap of fun!

    Want to see how we made our paper straws? Read Birthday Cake Craft for Kids {with Scented Playdough}.

    4) Be Brave as a Fiery Dragon

    This is a popular craft that you can find on the internet, so we had to have a try. What I really loved is that when we took our dragon out to play with in the forest, my son had a great idea. He picked up a big stick and popped the dragon head on to it, creating his own flying dragon. Lots of imaginative play and movement too!

    Want to read more about taking Dragon Breaths and making a toilet roll dragon? Read How to use Dragon Breaths to Calm Angry feelings.

    5) Create a Snail Sanctuary

    Making a relaxing playdough snail sanctuary is a great way for children to develop skills of kindness and empathy, as well as connecting with nature and practicing mindfulness. Slow Snail Breathing Activity { + Free Printable}

    6) Zoom on a Nature Broom

    So, another craft that has brought so much joy. We made these in November for Halloween and 6 months later its going strong. It’s used in the mud kitchen and in imaginative play. We even used it as a giant nature paint brush. Really easy to make and surprisingly it’s pretty sturdy too.

    Want to see all the details and our Halloween fun? Read Breathe its Halloween – Calming Broom Breaths, Spooky Nature Crafts and Relaxing Spells for Little Monsters.

    7) Be Kind and Feed the Birds

    Kids will love this easy coconut bird feeder kindness craft activity. It is so simple and kids will love being able to feed the birds and practice their happiness skill of kindness. If you don’t have a coconut don’t worry as we have also done this activity with pine cones, so keep reading and we will share some other bird feeder ideas with you!

    Easy Coconut Bird Feeder {Kindness Craft}

    8) Find the Rainbow Inside

    This was such a fun craft and I have to admit that I enjoyed using it myself and having a run with the wand. If you don’t have the all the supplies, you could swap the wooden stick for a paper straw. My son even made a version with a loo roll. It’s one of those activities that really brings out the inner joy!

    See how to make a rainbow star wand in more detail – Rainbow Star Wand: Mindful Movement Craft for Kids

    9) Make a Calm Heart

    Making a simple Calm Heart can inspire and teach your child how to take a mindful breath and become aware of the things that they love about themselves. Calm Heart Craft {self love and mindful breathing for kids}

    10) Express your Paper Plate Fuzzy Feelings

    These simple feelings paper plates are a great way for kids to express their feelings creatively. I made these to accompany the book I wrote for my son called, The Feelings Hotel. If want to meet the Fuzzy Feelings you can find them in my free resource library. Use them alongside this craft to explore feelings with your kids. Read more here – Easy Paper Plate Feelings Craft for Kids

    11) Be Free as a Butterfly

    We’ve made these paper butterflies a few times as I love the simplicity of the craft and the fact we can get moving after we’ve made them. When you see a butterfly its so exciting, so its lovely to recreate your own butterfly experience and feel the joy!

    Want to see more? Paper Butterflies – Mindful Movement Craft for Kids

    12) Explore and Take Colour Walk

    You can take a colour walk anytime, just paying attention to the colours that pop out. It’s a beautiful way to practice mindfulness. However, if you have a little time and a sense of adventure, invite your kids to create their own colour walk adventure kits. Finally I found a use for the paint sample cards that I had in my draws!

    Want more details on this activity? Read DIY Colour Walk Adventure Kit

    13) Squish Play Dough

    Make some playdough with this Easy Homemade Playdough Recipe!

    14) Shake a Calm Jars

    Make this easy calm jar recipe with just 2 ingredients, one being water and the other edible shimmer powder used for cake decorating. Easy Calm Jar Recipe {with no glitter or glue}

    15) Snuggle a Lavender Sock Bunny

    This calming lavender sock bunny craft activity, is an easy, fun no sew project to make with your kids. These sock bunnies make a lovely, calming sensory toy with the added scent of lavender and the weight from the rice. Kids will love getting to make their sock bunnies and then using them as a way to relax too. Calming Lavender Sock Bunny {No Sew}

    16) Squeeze a Sensory Balloon Egg

    These easy to make sensory balloon eggs make a fantastic DIY stress ball. Very simple supplies are needed and they are inexpensive. Sensory Balloon Eggs {DIY Stress Balls}

    17) Play Instruments and Paint to Sound

    This fun, musical art project is a simple way to introduce mindful listening to children, helping them to develop focus, attention and self awareness. A Mindful Art Activity for Kids • How to Make Art to Sound

    18) Eat Yummy Rainbow Bagel Food Art

    These fun, easy fruit rainbow bagels are a great no-cook recipe for kids. The best bit is when you get to sit down and create your rainbow food art, we had great fun bringing a little creativity and laughter to snack time. Easy Fruit Rainbow Bagels {with Free Printable Recipe Cards}

    19) Calm Stones

    These lovely calm stones are a great DIY calming tool for kids. I added a whole lot of different calming strategies to the rocks; like mindful mazes, gratitude prompts, breathing exercises, mindfulness through using your senses and positive affirmations. DIY Calming Tool for Kids {Calm Stones}

    20) Rock Fish Puzzle

    This DIY stone puzzle and art activity, which we named ‘Rock Fish’, is a lovely way to engage kids on many levels. Enjoy collecting rocks and stones and sorting through them to find which ones will make great rock fish. Simple DIY Stone Puzzle and Art Activity

    21) Berry Painting

    This easy blackberry painting art project is a really simple, fun way to get creative with natural resources. This calming craft activity had us both in the flow for a long time, by the time we looked up we had created a whole table of paintings! Easy Blackberry Painting Art Project

    22) Painted Shells

    This calming beach shell painting activity is a lovely way to create something special with your kids beach shells. Calming Shell Painting Activity for Kids

    23) Star Leaf Garland

    This easy star leaf garland nature craft is such a cute DIY decoration. We made the garland to decorate our forest den and it was just a nice simple nature craft activity, perfect for little kids to join in and enjoy too. Easy Star Leaf Garland Nature Craft

    24) Paper Straw Wand

    This easy paper bubble wand is so simple and best of all plastic free. Made out of paper straws this bubble wand creates really fun bubbles, inviting children to play and explore with their senses. This is also a great summer craft perfect for getting kids outside. Easy Paper Bubble Wand {+ Bubble Recipe}

    25) Bunny Crown

    We made this simple cardboard, nature bunny crown as an alternative eco friendly Easter bonnet. But we have been enjoying them way past Easter and they are still being worn lots in our imaginative play. How to Make a Nature Bunny Crown

    I hope that you find some inspiration in this list of calming crafts for kids. I have loved creating them all with my own son. Being creative together and weaving in some playful well being skills too! Take Care Emma x

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